End Street: The Case of the Purple Pearl

Love Bytes – 4 stars “…his story didn’t turn out to be a ‘typical case’ like the previous books but quite a bit happened to move the character development of both Sam and Bob along.” Read the rest here.

End Street: Vol 1

The Novel Approach – 4.5 – “…. I really enjoy both Amber Kell’s and RJ Scott’s individual works, so finding this book, where both are involved, thrilled me. They have a similar writing style, and this joint project reads seamlessly. I almost don’t want to know who wrote which chapter, or how they did it, because I just loved the world they created.” Read the rest here.

Love's Design

The tbr Pile – 5 stars – “…As always, this author writes great characters, so real and believable. You get pulled into their lives. This story has enough suspense and action to keep me reading and not wanting to put it down. This is book 5 in the series; you do need to read the series in order. This will let you understand and follow the secondary characters and their interactions. “

Padme's Library – 5 stars – “…I will say that Kirby and Stefan may not be my favorite couple working at Bodyguards, Inc but they are still completely and utterly adorable that ranks them near the top…RJ Scott has done it again and this time she's wrapped it in a big, sexy, hunky, beautiful Christmas bow.

Multitasking Mommas – 4 stars – “…This is a lightly written romance and such a delight to read. It was especially awesome to read Kyle and Ross once more who play minor but truly important roles.”

Rainbow Book Reviews “…Fans of the series will love Stefan's story. For those new to the series, it could be read alone, but the stories and characters are interconnected so you wouldn't be getting a complete picture unless you read them all, which, of course, I strongly encourage you to do. Thanks, RJ, for the great Christmas story of hope, forgiveness, and love.”

Texas Wedding 

Crystal's Many Reviewers – 5 stars – “…Texas Wedding was the perfect way to wrap up the series, with tears and laughter and lots of love, but I won’t lie – I would happily read more about the Jack and Riley and the rest of Campbell-Hayes family.”

Christmas Collection

Love Bytes – 4/5 – “….What I loved most about this story was watching as Jesse slowly come back to himself and how he was rediscovering the spirit of Christmas through the pictures he was taking. Spending time with Gabriel certainly didn’t hurt anything, either. The slow build between the two just fit so well with the story and served as a good reminder to Jesse that he was worth more than just a quick roll around the sheets.”

The Tbr Pile – 5/5 – “…All of these characters and the dynamics of the relationships are found in the first story. You need to read it. I love this story! I love having another glimpse at Cameron and Jason’s relationship. ​”