New Releases

The Demon's Blood released with eXtasy and has had some lovely reviews.

My wonderful friend Josie created a Supernatural Bounty Hunters – Character Sheet which I stole and added to. So if you want a quick look at what happened in the previous books before reading Demon's blood then have a look at this cool cheat sheet.

Crooked Tree Ranch (Montana, book 1) is available as a early download at TEB and first reviews are in with some nice solid 4/5s and 4.5/5s which we have added to the Montana 1 page.


I ran a competition where people ticked boxes of where they got information on new releases from.

The winner, randomly drawn by Mr RJ is *fanfare*…


I'll be emailing you shortly for your choice of book.

Work in progress

First edits are back with Erika on Christmas In The Sun, and I am 25000 words into Texas Christmas which will be in editing at the end of this week. I think Texas 5 will come in at 40 – 45,000 words, similar to Texas Family. Things are going well on the book and I LOVE Liam/Marcus.

Amber is kicking off The Case Of The Purple Pearl, and I am sure that will land in my in-box this week for my turn on the story… excited to see what she has come up with.

Blog Story

Post 6 in The Things That Dreams Are Made Of was posted last week and post 7, next week, takes us up to the place I had gotten to before. So in a couple of weeks the brand new writing on Dreams will happen… yay.

Love Lane Books News

All five books in Diane Adam's *Making Of A Man* series are now out through Love Lane Books and are all sitting ready for Book 6 which is due out near Christmas.

Love Lane is where you will find Texas Christmas, and the re-written re-issued version of Jesse's Christmas in December. You can sign up for a newsletter over there as well, to keep up to date with any of my new self published books We only do posts once a month or so and every month we run competitions to win free eBooks which you are entered for if you are a subscriber.

Things you may have missed…

I updated my Publishing Schedule on the 15th so you can see exactly what is coming out when.

Texas Family Print Cover Reveal – from the awesome Meredith Russell. Beautiful cover art and the print book should be available in the next few days.

Josephine Myles, Interview and Competition, celebrating release of Merry Gentlemen & my review Merry Gentlemen by Josephine Myles, 5/5 and a recommended read. Gah, I LOVED this book… just saying.

The Case Of The Sinful Santa – available on early release at TB – and has had some lovely reviews which is cool. This book is due out on Amazon 29th November.

Making it up as I go along – talking about how I go about writing a novel… and yes, I really do make things up as I go along.