The New Wolf

MM Good Book Reviews – “… Ah this story is like a breath of fresh air, so different from the typical shifter stories that you come across. A dangerous lone wolf seems determined to decimate the wolves of Black Creek and Connor and Josh get dragged into the danger by accident, which causes a strain in their relationship as Josh tries to accept what has happened. 

Connor is the poor soul who stumbles on the town secret and his situation is beautifully described, Josh's reaction is one of the best I have ever seen and I was so thankful that he didn't just throw himself into Connor's arms but held back to process what he had learned. …”

Mrs Condit Reads Books 4/5 – RJ’s writing style is straightforward, eloquent, and concise. I love how she takes the same old shifter premise and gives it new life with a fresh and original twist. After a heartbreaking death and a near tragedy, the story does have a HEA ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and I’m definitely looking forward to the next one in the trilogy. If you’re looking for a shifter tale that is anything but ordinary, this is the book for you.

The Paramedic & The Writer

MM Good Book Reviews 4/5 – The development of the Ellery series is continuing and broadening its horizons, we learn how Daniel’s Veteran house is coming along and we have a new development of a homophobic attack in the usually gay friendly Ellery. 

I can’t wait for the next instalment of these sexy men, what may await us as the Veteran house is opened, and they get their first client in The Barman and the SEAL.

The Doctor & the Bad Boy

The Jeep Diva – 5/5: R.J. Scott gave life to each of the Ellery Mountain books as each dealt with realistic issues that are attainably able to be solved. The Doctor and the Bad Boy delivered tenderheartedness and familial love that spoke of how the world should really be… R.J. Scott wrote a beautiful contemporary romance that never sugar coated the pitfalls of life, but delivered a well- crafted story of acceptance and love.

Rainbow Book Reviews: If you like romantic love stories filled with wonderful, realistic, unselfish characters, then you will enjoy this book. Thanks, RJ, for another visit to Ellery Mountain and its lovely residents.

MM Good Book Reviews – 4/5: I say if you love hot men finding love, some angst and drama with problem parents, great friends (who are all hot) and a great new relationship, then you have to read this story.

Back Home

5/5 from Joyfully Jay – I absolutely adore Back Home. In fact, it’s a book I’d recommend to just about anyone. It’s heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time. The story that Scott tells is a hard one of love lost and love found. It’s a bittersweet and poignant story, but it’s also beautiful, sweet, and perfect. I highly, highly recommend Back Home by R.J. Scott.

4.5 from WildeOats – Back Home is not just a damn good read; it’s a damn good book.

4 Divas from Dark Diva Reviews – Back Home by is a delightfully engaging novel. Strong family ties and flawed characters provide added depth and authenticity to this well-plotted story. RJ Scott has once again written a powerful and passionate romance that will resonate with her readers.