World's Collide (Sanctuary 7)

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MM Good Book Reviews – 4/5: Ahhhh. These people are so romantic in their own macho way and they are surprising sweet together. Joseph has a lot of thinking to do about his future. Not just about his relationship, but also what he wants to do in his work life. Dale is just happy to have whatever time he can have with his sexy SEAL, especially if it involves him naked. These guys still have that explosive spark and they are still macho men. what they feel for each other is clear to see in their actions and thoughts and I can finally sigh in relief as they get their happy ever after. … I have to recommend this to those who love alpha men, facing the future, accepting and receiving deep love, bombs, hostage situations, getting the bad guy and a very satisfying happy ending.

Hearts On Fire Reviews – 4/5: The last we saw of Joseph and Dale was in The Only Easy Day where we were left hanging with a HFN on their relationship. This installment in the Sanctuary series is all about the two men. I enjoyed the way Ms Scott wove the romance around Dale's taking Emily Bullen back from the west coast to turn state's evidence against her husband the senator. The story gave action at the airport fighting Griffin and his men who tried to kill Emily Bullen and balanced it with a great romance. The sex was hot and well written. There was a perfect flow to the story

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words – 4.75/5: It’s all here. All the things that have made this series such a great one. Realistic, fully rounded characters, a complicated criminal investigation that spreads through the series, and a narrative that moves the plot forward swiftly and smoothly.

Mrs Condit Reads Books – 4/5: I’m glad Ms. Scott wrote a follow up book to their story. Since I love to read series, any time I can read more about past couples it makes me happy … Definite must read for Sanctuary fans.

Rainbow Reviews – While the first half of the book is the usual high-tension story including threats, lots of action, and even a bomb, the second half focuses entirely on Joseph and Dale. They need to reconnect, and I loved seeing how they became closer and closer, how they discussed the future, and how Joseph worked out what he wanted to do.

The Guilty Werewolf

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Literary Nymphs – 4.5/5 – RJ Scott has created an intriguing as well as very enjoyable saga. I suggest reading The Vampire Contract first to better appreciate the main theme of this series.

Hearts On Fire reviews – 4/5 – The romance side of the story was well done in true Scott style but this story definitely has a political lean to it which makes it even more enjoyable. The HEA is definitely delivered but the few loose ends left me hungry for the next book in this intriguing series.

Mrs Condit Reads Books – 4/5 – I enjoyed this story and now feel compelled to go back to read the first book on the series. RJ Scott is always a story teller first and a writer of romance second, and never is that distinction more important than in this book. Well done, Ms Scott.

Joyfully Jay – Conflict makes The Guilty Werewolf magical.