Some things to take into consideration as you read this:

  • I am 22000 words into Big Sky, my first book in a series set around Crooked Tree Ranch in Montana. I am aiming to write around 60,000 on each of the books. 
  • Heart Of Texas was a 90,000 word book, Oracle 60 or so, recently my Ellery Books have been 35ish.
  • I have just skim read the last five chapters in a 110,000 words book (and a lot before as well) because I hate not finishing what I started.
  • I was left feeling angsty and frustrated at the book I'd read. Was I not clever enough to remember all the character names? I could see the story line telegraphed but is that because I am an author so that is what I do?

So today I posted on Facebook that I was struggling with a book I gave the reasons as, too wordy, paranormal suddenly in what I thought was GFY book. This was a sequel book and book one I enjoyed with provisos. Book 2 rambled… and the drama I wanted just got lost…

When I write a shorter book I have some reviewers and readers say they wanted it to be longer, to expand character, or because they enjoyed it. Then I also have readers tell me, that with their busy lives they want something where they can read it in an evening.

So I am writing Montana 1, and instead of the books I have been writing recently I am expanding the story and aiming for 60,000 plus. As I am writing it I realise I am 11,000 words in before they meet, I'm at 22,000 and they are just getting to know each other…

Is this too slow?

What do you prefer? Longer books? Shorter books? Does it depend on the author? Do you always finish books or do you ever DNF (Did Not Finish). How does not finishing a book make you feel?