Bodyguard to a Sex God

Prism Book Alliance – 4.25/5 – “….This seemed a really fast read and I couldn’t put it down until I had finished. It’s a real page turner that will keep your attention up to the end as working out who is the stalker is not easy as it appears, everyone is stalking him! The attraction between the two men is red hot and as much as Adam tries to remain professional he is drawn to Logan who has never had a proper relationship before. Logan is sensitive and compassionate with a small group of trusted friends who just needs a keeper and he wants desperately for that person to be Adam.

This author always gives us hot MC’s that it is very easy to fall in love for and this one was no different. Despite closets, knives, hospital trips, stalkers and living on different continents these two men fall fast and hard and seem determined to prove that insta-love exists. Now I will wait patiently to see if Ross will finally have his eyes opened!!  Roll on Book 2….”

A Reason to Stay

Guilty Indulgence – 5/5 – “….I have a confession to make…I have not read the Sanctuary books yet, but you can bet your sweet bippy that I am going to now! Having said that, it in no way took away from this fabulous first book in the spin off series….

….These two were so hot together I am surprised my Nook didn't melt. They could go from pissed to naked in no time flat and it was amazing to read. The author is great at building a family around her characters so her stories are so much more then just two people coming together. A great start to this new series and I for one am looking forward to the next….”

Because Two Men are better than One – 4/5 – “….I thoroughly enjoyed a A Reason To Stay which has set the standard for another great series by RJ Scott.
There are a couple of elements to this story.
Firstly, it is a mystery. Something strange is happening up the mountain and Viktor, Navy SEAL, is going to find out exactly what it is and why his nephew ended up in a coma in hospital. His family is at risk and he will do everything and anything to protect them.
It is a romance, a story of second and third chances. Viktor and Aiden (who is now working in law enforcement) knew each other in high school, where Aiden had long term expectations. Years later when they reconnect, he still loves Viktor. But Viktor is a man haunted by his belief that as a SEAL he can't offer anything to anyone. He runs. It takes the threat to his family to bring Viktor and Aiden together again as they put their lives at risk to solve the mystery.
This is a story with lots of drama and action– murder, villains and true hero moments– but also soul searching as Aiden and Viktor fight their attraction to each other. The sex is super hot and the ending fabulous– i just love big moments that make people face the truth!
I enjoyed the blend of mystery and romance and the pacing of the book. Sure, at moments Viktor annoyed the hell out of me but the happy ending for these heroes was definitely worth it….”

The Third Kingdom

Prism Book Alliance – 5/5 – “….In The Third Kingdom RJ Scott gave herself quite a job. Somehow she had to pull all the threads together; she had to explain the story that leads from Reuben and Methulan a thousand years before, all the way to the vampire twins Joseph and Micah. She had to bring about Ludvik’s downfall and the emergence of The Third Kingdom in a way that readers could follow. She also had to find a way to give all the characters, all the different pairings we’ve grown to love, some new and some old, a happy ending, and this she did magnificently. All finished off nicely with an epilogue….”

Literary Nymphs Reviews – 4/5 – “….RJ Scott has created a stimulating climax to this enjoyable series. The villain has been vanquished, lovers have been reunited for all eternity and the healing of a kingdom has begun. Also included is a list of all the titles and characters in the entire series….”

The Carpenter and the Actor

Sensual Reads – 4/5 – “….The Ellery Mountain series is amazing in so many ways with great supportive characters who care about others and do come back to visit. Each story is like coming home. Pick up The Carpenter and the Actor and enjoy the story. You will not be able to help yourself….”