Chase The Sun

Prism Book Alliance – 5/5 – “….I’ve been reading the Sapphire Cay stories since the very first book; they are like coming home and meeting old friends. My oasis of calm all rolled into one. It doesn’t matter how bad my day has been a trip to Sapphire Cay has the power to lower my blood pressure and relax me like nothing else….”

“….I loved this one so much, it’s by far my favourite of the series (and long may they continue). I don’t want to say anything more about the story except to say Mitch is perfect as the uptight businessman who’s forgotten how to unwind, he wants what he finds on the Cay but he’s scared to reach out and take it, thinking that you can’t build a future on a holiday fling. I loved Isaac too; he was very sweet and quite nervous of the fashion shoot for his first collection. One touch that I loved was how the pictures of Peter and Alfie, found in Christmas on the Cay, were mentioned, that’s the type of thing that’s wonderful about these stories, each one feeds into the next, and I can’t wait to hear their story too….”

Multitaskingmommas Reviews – 4/5 – “….This was such a sweet romance, especially when Mitch kissed Isaac's worries away. The two men had their own issues to deal with and they did deal with them – together – and that just made me smile happily for them both. This does have a fairy tale feel to it though, so is kind of dreamy. Then again, I think dreamy is good, especially when I fall in love with two men I knew nothing about and made me curious enough to pick up the rest of the series….”

The Ex Factor

The Paranormal Romance Guild – 5/5 – “….This is a wonderful story about same sex abuse. Daniel spent years trying to convince himself that he loved Cam. When Cam was sorry and loving, Daniel once again would fall into the trap of accepting what was happening to him. When Ben entered his life and picked him up from the floor of the tub, Daniel decided he had to make changes in his life. He hoped Ben would be there with him. Whether it is abuse between a man and woman, or a man and another man, it is unacceptable and leaves the abused an empty shell. The author did a wonderful job of bringing this topic to light and showing what can happen if a person truly finds someone to love them….”

Guilty Indulgence – 4/5 – Oh this author is good at tugging on my heartstrings. It didn't take me long before I wanted to protect Daniel as much as Ben. I appreciate when authors include family and friends in books not just people that might be the next couple, I feel it gives the book more depth and brings more realism to the story….”

Because Two Men are better than one – 4/5 – “….I think I particularly enjoyed it because I was drawn in by the abuse theme and appreciated the way it was handled. The other thing I appreciated was the setting and relevance to current time. Ben is working security for a reality talent show and there are references to the contestants and the panel of judges. It all felt very familiar. Daniel is a contestant on the show, who has worked his way into the finals. But for all his success with his music, he is not a happy man due to his long term abusive boyfriend. Luckily he has Ben to turn to. I loved Ben and the way his protective instinct kicked in but more than that, I loved his own vulnerability….”

Love Bytes Reviews – 4.5/5 –  “….The writing in this book is fantastic, I’ve read RJ’s books for several years and they do really get better each time. This plot wasn’t overly complex, but it was just perfect for the scope of this book. It was a small, intimate story about the struggle of one man to get out of a bad relationship, and the man who helps him and eventually loves him. It didn’t need to be complex, it was just perfect. The bond forming between them was interesting to watch, they would start to get closer than one would pull back, only to try again. There not a lot of sex in this story, honestly more wouldn’t have been appropriate considering the subject. What there was worked very well. Daniel and Ben are good together as a couple, once they work through Daniel’s issues. I liked the addition of Daniel’s parents, he needed support and they gave it. Good plot, good characters, good sex, good ending, just what I want out of a book!…”

The Blogger Girls – “….It is never easy to read about domestic violence, and I’m sure that it’s extremely hard for an author to write about it. But in this case, RJ Scott did a great job of bringing this sad situation to life with respect and emotion. I love reading about difficult life issues and watching the hero lovingly bring the victim back to life. In this case, Ben was the perfect hero for Daniel….”

Bodyguard to a Sex God

Paranormal Romance Guild – 5/5 – “….Not only was this a beautiful story about two great men, it is also a mystery as to who the stalker after Logan is.  The mystery element in this story made it so interesting, guessing who it is.  Is it someone Logan knows?  Is it a fan?  Is it someone he works with?  There is explicit M/M sex, so this is a book for mature audiences.  Can't wait to read book two….”

Guilty Indulgence – 4/5 – “….This was a great first book in a series. I like a book that has that first strong attraction and then builds off the chemistry between the two MC's. They want each other but are both hesitant for different reasons. This book does a good job of establishing the world and introduces us to secondary characters that will keep me coming back for more….”

Because Two Men are better than one – 4/5 – “….The main characters were wonderful and quite open about their feelings which was refreshing. There is not a lot of angst between the characters but they are definitely affected by a number of issues including Logan’s closeted sexuality and Adam’s desire to remain professional. The secondary characters were interesting (please give us a story about Ross and Kyle) and the drama was just enough. With a good pace, lot’s happening and likable characters, it’s a page turner and this book definitely set the scene for a great series!…”

A Reason To Stay

Joyfully Jay – 5/5 – “….A Reason to Stay is a story of star-crossed lovers and mistimed attempts at a relationship. It’s also a story of mystery and intrigue and adventure. I loved every single thing in this story—from the broken relationship between Aiden and Viktor to the family dynamics in the Zavodny family, from the mystery of the dead bodies to the adventure up the mountain and the discovery at the top, from the struggle between what Aiden knows in his heart to the denial of every part of Viktor’s being. This is a story of contradictions, excitement, and happy endings….”

Paranormal Romance Guild – 5/5 – “….This is a beautiful story of a love that has lasted for years starting from childhood up to adulthood.  It is a book filled with action and adventure, m/m sex and love, love, love, and heroism.   I look forward to book number two….”

Rainbow Book Reviews – “….If you like mysterious goings-on with deadly consequences, if two men who are too tough to admit they love each other sound like an exciting addition to all the mystery-solving going on, and if you’re looking for an intense, emotionally charged read that is as tension-filled as it is hot, then you will probably like this novel. And the relief at the end? It’s all worth it. I certainly hope there will be more books in this series—and soon!….”

The Agent and the Model

Paranormal Romance Guild – 4/5 – “….This is a story of love, courage and friendship.  As I stated previously, I didn't read the other books, so I can only assume that we are once again reunited with people from Michael's past, friends who have always been there for him. I had no trouble following the story about Michael and had a little update on some of his other friends. I recommend you read the full series from book one, because if this one is any indication they are probably all wonderful.  There is romance and explicit m/m sex and a lot of wonderful men who have found their other halves….”