the King’s Men
 Kisses: 4.5

All the King’s Men is a perilous journey that’ll take
your breath away as you turn the pages. Often poignant,
endlessly entertaining, it will leave you with the faith
that hope, perseverance, and the promise of love will
always work its magic.

Soldier’s Tale
 Kisses: 4.5

RJ Scott has delivered not only a compelling addition to
the saga but has also written a story with so much heart
and emotion, filled with adversity and angst and
ultimately, love and healing—which truly is her
trademark and her talent. I’ve come to depend on it with
every one of the books she writes.

 Kisses: 5

Deefur Dog is a touching and heartwarming family story
filled with warmth, humor, and the belief in the power
of love. Finding one soul mate in a lifetime is a gift;
finding two is a miracle, and that wonder is wrapped up
in a story revolving around truly wonderful characters.

If you’re a fan of the sweet and sentimental, with a
healthy dose of romance and authentic emotion to top it
all off, you’ll love Deefur Dog.

Is in the Title
 (Young Adult) Kisses: 5+

RJ Scott has written an outstanding young adult story,
one that can be appreciated by those who are right now
living in the midst of those very trying times, as well
as those who have lived through them and managed to
somehow survive.

(The Fire Trilogy Book #1)
 Kisses: 4.5

Between the loving, and the action, there is a lot going
on in this novella to keep the reader entertained. The
author gives just enough background on Kian and his
world to make sure the reader returns for more and I for
one can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

(The Fire Trilogy Book #2)
 Kisses: 4.5

Darach is the second story in the Fire Trilogy series,
and as the middle of the series it carries a lot of the
background story.