It's been a busy few weeks with 3 new releases, here's a roundup of some of the reviews so far…

Texas Gift (Texas #8)

Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words – “Texas Gift is like sitting down on a couch with your family with their family albums and going through it with them as they tell you the stories from each picture, pointing out every loving detail with laughter, some sniffles and oh, so much joy. It fills your heart with happiness and a warm glow because you’ve made such a connection with these men and their family over the course of these stories that they feel real and part of you.
Now as RJ Scott closes the final chapter on Texas we get to see their whole story…what an amazing journey, what a marvelous gift. You’ve left me smiling and full of heartwarming memories. I’ll miss you.”

Dog-Eared Daydreams – “Aside from the immediate Campbell-Hayes family, it was great catching up with everyone else who's part of the the extended family–from their respective parents, siblings, siblings-in-law, and nieces and nephews to those who have made the Double D Ranch their home as well and have managed to find love and peace along the way. I'm not entirely sure if this eighth and latest book spells the end for the Texas series, though I wouldn't be surprised since this had a feeling of poignancy to it. Whether Texas Gift is it for the Campbell-Hayeses, it's been a wonderful ride, with Riley and Jack not riding off into the sunset but watching every single one together from the D.”

Embracing My Crazy “What I found most intriguing about this trip down the future is that through it all, Jack and Riley are still Jack and Riley, and we still love them as much as we ever had from the start. Although the two men have grown in their love for one another, they are still recognizable to the reader as the same men we fell in love with in book one.Another reason I loved and hated–not really, but you know what I mean–about this book is that with each chapter, there is a purposeful completion that lets us know its all ending. I felt the doors closing, sort of the way one feels when they're saying goodby to a loved one. You know its coming, you know its the end, you don't want to say goodbye, but you're so grateful you had a chance to be part of it all. That was what this last installment of the Heart of Texas series did for me. It allowed me to love them one last time, and say goodbye in a meaningful way to two men who allowed me to witness their love. Book 8 is truly a gift I am so grateful to have been given.”

Deep Edge (Harrisburg Railers #3) with V.L. Locey

Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words – “…while you could think this is just an opposites attract story, it also includes much deeper, more serious layers that speak to addictions, recovery, and therapy. And does so in a realistic and even gritty manner at times. For tackling all that, plus the romance, and the continuing overall series arc and pulling them off to a grand effect? Deep Edge (Harrisburg Railers #3) by RJ Scott & VL Locey is a story that’s close to perfect. Truly with each story this series just keeps getting better and better.”

Padme's Library – “Truth is, there is so many aspects of this story(and series) that made me smile, laugh, cry, frankly pretty much every emotion out there. I know I use the words a lot in my reviews but it doesn't make them any less true, Deep Edge will warm your heart from page one till the end.
They may not be characters you would meet every day but Scott and Locey present Dieter and Trent in a way that if you ran into them in the grocery store or the gas station you wouldn't look twice. In my opinion, creating characters that are definitely original and yet have that “every day” element to them takes talent and that is what you will find within the pages of Deep Edge and the Harrisburg Railers: talent and plenty of heart.”

My Fiction Nook – “I loved Trent and Dieter’s story and as a couple they worked really, really well for me and while I know that the next book’s a new pairing…it’s Stan the big, adorable, teddy bear Russian Goalie for the Railers and I’m totally on board for Stan’s story and yes, I do have my fingers crossed for a peek or two at Trent and Dieter…these two worked hard for their HEA and I’d love to see more of these two.
This series just keeps getting better and better for me and I’m definitely looking forward to whatever comes next for the men of the Harrrisburg Railers and their partners…now, if I could just get my hands on a Railer’s hockey jersey…Go Railers!!!”

Love Happens Anyway 

The Novel Approach – “This short novel is the pinnacle of what a love story can be—sweet and sentimental, heartwarming and uplifting, with a touch of internal conflict for the couple to overcome without things tipping over into hysterics and melodrama. Add fake boyfriends to that—one of my favorite tropes—as well as an opposites attract element, and you have the heart and soul of romance in a smile inducing tale of two men who accidentally fall in love right in the midst of a business transaction.Family and friendship each play their roles in this book as well, and they do so effectively, adding depth and layers to both the narrative and the characters. Love Happens Anyway is a blatant play on the heartstrings, and makes no apologies for it. I loved it, believed in Derek and Luke’s happily-ever-after, and appreciated the emotional resonance woven throughout the story. This one’s an absolute keeper for future holiday re-reading.”

Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words – “…what starts off as a familiar romantic storyline, RJ Scott deepens it, adding touch of poignancy and reality to a lovely heartwarming romance. I loved the couple and the family and friends that surrounded them.The holidays are a wonderful time to curl up in your favorite spot and read some wonderful holiday romances. Be sure to put Love Happens Anyway by RJ Scott on your list to read this holiday season.”

My Fiction Nook – “Love Happens Anyway’ is an enchanting holiday story and while a lot of the issues stem from miscommunication it’s not intentional or surrounded by any over the top angst or drama and the icing on the Christmas cake for me in all of this was the ending…I loved the ending. It was sweet and filled with the joy of the holidays…definitely recommended for anyone wanting a sweet holiday story filled with fun, cheer and two sexy men who make the holiday just that much brighter.”