I'm going to publish a round-up of reviews I have received from blog sites: new books and old. Sometimes I am surprised by a welcome review from a book that has been out a while. I hope to make this a monthly post *looks at my PA – she nods*.

Sexy for Review 5/5
“…I loved the dynamics between Kyle and Ross. They have a friendship
based on work and admiration which makes their jobs run flawlessly. Ms. Scott’s
portrayal of Kyle—the big, bad stoic owner of Bodyguards, Inc.—yet the gentle
giant who delivered a sensual dance with Ross when the two men finally
succumbed to their passions. As always in an RJ Scott series, the characters
are an integral part of each other’s stories and she never forgets to add the
small nuances which make us laugh or swoon. No spoilers, (but Ross gets Adam
back).Sensual and sexy, RJ Scott delivers another winner in the Bodyguards Inc.
series. Undercover Lovers hit the mark. Full

Laquette 5/5 “… By far,
this is my favorite Bodyguards Inc book. Ross and Kyle together has been
something we've been waiting for since the very first book. Ms. Scott
definitely didn't disappoint…” Full Review

Diverse Reader “… I LOVED how she brought these 2 together. It was a perfect, smack
them in the back of the head and wake up. It was exciting, beautiful, tense,
everything the realization you both want the same thing should be. I love this
series and this book was the best of them all in my opinion…” Full Review

Prism Book Alliance 4.25/5 “…This
is easily my favourite book of the series so far. We have waited and waited for
Ross and Kyle’s story and in all honesty that wait was more than worth it! When
Kyle employed Ross as his PA 2 years ago it was instant lust. Those feelings
grew rapidly until Kyle was overwhelmed with how he felt and very much in love.
Rather than risk their friendship and make things difficult at work he keeps
his feelings bottled up and has absolutely no idea that Ross feels the same
way.” Full Review

Book Reviews 4/5 –
“…RJ has created a tale of intrigue and suspense with
incredibly strong emotions, especially the feelings between Daniel and Ben.” Full Review

Library 4.5/5 –
“…Retrograde is a beautifully written tale of tragedy
bringing together those that let their stubbornness keep them apart.” Full Review

Library 5/5 –
“…I loved the way the writer created a connection between the
two that was pretty obvious and bordering on cliché on the surface but with
each moment they spend in the other's company we quickly learn that there is so
much more to both the individual characters and as a pair.” Full Review