A round up of lovely reviews received for my books in August……

Undercover Lovers

Sexy for Review – 5/5 -“…I loved the dynamics between Kyle and Ross. They have a friendship based on work and admiration which makes their jobs run flawlessly. Ms. Scott’s portrayal of Kyle—the big, bad stoic owner of Bodyguards, Inc.—yet the gentle giant who delivered a sensual dance with Ross when the two men finally succumbed to their passions. As always in an RJ Scott series, the characters are an integral part of each other’s stories and she never forgets to add the small nuances which make us laugh or swoon. No spoilers, (but Ross gets Adam back).Sensual and sexy, RJ Scott delivers another winner in the Bodyguards Inc. series. Undercover Lovers hit the mark…”

Laquette – 5/5 – “… By far, this is my favorite Bodyguards Inc book. Ross and Kyle together has been something we've been waiting for since the very first book. Ms. Scott definitely didn't disappoint…” Full Review

Diverse Reader –  “… I LOVED how she brought these 2 together. It was a perfect, smack them in the back of the head and wake up. It was exciting, beautiful, tense, everything the realization you both want the same thing should be. I love this series and this book was the best of them all in my opinion…”

Prism Book Alliance –  4.25/5 – “…This is easily my favourite book of the series so far. We have waited and waited for Ross and Kyle’s story and in all honesty that wait was more than worth it! When Kyle employed Ross as his PA 2 years ago  it was instant lust. Those feelings grew rapidly until Kyle was overwhelmed with how he felt and very much in love. Rather than risk their friendship and make things difficult at work he keeps his feelings bottled up and has absolutely no idea that Ross feels the same way…”

Rainbow Book Reviews – “….This series keeps getting better as it goes along. This story has all the elements of a good adventure and mystery with love and lots of hot action between handsome men. Ross and Kyle's love is tested by fire and proven to be enduring. The secondary characters, Marcus and Nate, are great, both proving they are righteous men who can step us up when the situation calls for it. If you like action-packed adventure, mystery, lots of innuendos, playful bantering, and unrequited love coming to fruition, you may enjoy this story. Thank you, RJ, for delivering such a delectable read….”

Forever In The Sun written with Meredith Russell

Multi Tasking Mommas – 4/5 – “….Two stories, one that makes you laugh, the other makes us smile with tears in our eyes. Both are sweetly written. Both worth the while to sleep and dream over later….”

Sexy Erotic Xciting – 5/5 – “….Forever in the Sun is a sensual read with charismatic characters, beautiful words and an enchanting setting. Allow yourself the moment to relax with one of the most amorous series written, on an island paradise that will have you believing in true happily-ever-after’s….”

Max and the Prince

Rainbow Book Reviews – “….This is a suspense-filled mystery, threaded with a hot, but not insta-love relationship….

….If you enjoy stories with suspense, intrigue, murder, bodyguards, princes, and passionate sexual encounters, you may appreciate this story. Thanks, RJ, for the exciting escapade….”

Paranormal Romance Guild – 5/5 – “….This was a wonderful story with two amazing characters, a hot, macho bodyguard and a quiet caring prince. I am sure there are many out there who can't imagine a gay man can be macho and tough, but they can be. They can be a man’s man in more ways than one. How many heterosexual men out there are afraid of their own shadow? I can say in all honesty I never figured out who the guilty party was and that doesn't happen often. This series does not have to be read in order, but why miss out on other hot bodyguards?….”

Reviews for the audio versions of Guarding Morgan and The Only Easy Day

Prism Book Alliance – 4.75/5 – “….The sex was smoking hot, just like everything I’ve read by Ms. Scott, and the action was just as well-written. In my experience, it’s the physical action that’s harder to accurately portray. I loved all the action, but the final scene truly stands out in my mind….”

“….Both stories end with a happy-for-now because the author doesn’t take the easy way out and try to make the relationships insta-love. What we see here is the beginning of relationships, but that’s the case when you’re dealing with novellas. Some authors try to put too much in short stories, while others don’t put in enough. Scott includes just enough to leave you wanting more and rushing to read the next book in the series….”

Narration – 5/5 – “….The narration for both books are simply outstanding. It doesn’t get much better than this because Sean Crisden is one of the best in the field, if you ask me. He not only nailed the voices of all the characters he provided distinct ones for the many different people in the book. There was never any confusion about who was who and Crisden didn’t have to resort to easy tactics like lisps to create distinct voices….”

The Gallows Tree

Padme's Library – 5/5 – “….First off, RJ Scott is one of only a handful of authors that I automatically “1-click” without reading the blurb so there was no question as to whether or not to read The Gallows Tree.  Secondly, it has paranormal qualities.  Third, because there is ghosts then I knew it would have some historical aspects to the story too.  Throw those all together in one book and I just knew I had to move this one to the top of my TBR list….”