Review of San Andreas

4/5 awesome special effects and a fairly tight story line until about half hour from the end…
I have a major weakness for a good disaster movie. I've just watched San Andreas on the plane and that was probably the wrong thing to do considering I am on the way to Los Angeles. And yes, LA and San Francisco are pretty much destroyed.. The Hoover damn goes, as does the red bridge, all the usual stuff is no more. There is also the classic end where the Stars and Stripes unfurl. 
I was fascinated to watch because I wrote a disaster story called All The Kings Men in which I basically destroyed LA. There were no forest fires in San Andreas, it fixated a lot on water which was a string part of the characters story line.

I've loved disaster movies ever since the 70s and the one that scared me to death, was Towering Inferno. In fact the first time I watched it I didn't actually get the entire way through it. Then there was the one with the ship that turned upside down, and one I can't actually watch at all – Jaws ‘shudders'. 
Volcano, Armageddon, Deep Impact, all these kinds of films I absolutely love. The tsunamis, the collapsing buildings. Volcanoes… Love the special effects so much 🙂
Do you have a favourite disaster movie?
RJ's assistant here – RJ watches a disaster movie as she flies to Los Angeles. She's insane… just saying.