2014 was the year of my first burn out. I'd worked so many hours and so hard to get us out of the Silver mess, that I had pushed way too much and ended up losing much of 2014 with various amounts of depression and anxiety. This wouldn't be the last time I overdid things either.

Books included: The Incubus Agenda, A Reason To Stay, The Third Kingdom, The Ex Factor, Capture The Sun, Last Marine Standing, Heat, Texas Fall, Ellery Mountain Volume 1, Ellery Mountain Volume 2, Ellery Mountain Volume 3

I carried on with my Bodyguards series, with one of my favorites – the Ex Factor – and started the new Heroes series with A Reason To Stay and Last Marine Standing. Texas Fall was the only Texas book I wrote, and I started a new duology with Chris Quinton.

Funnily enough, it was the Heroes series that I dropped for a long time because 2014 became such a mess. It would be a long wait for book 3, Deacon's Law. Somehow the depression became wrapped up in that series, but the feeling of achievement when I finally published book 3 a couple of years later was amazing.

With respect to my mental health, I was really glad when 2014 was over.



The Ex Factor, a book in my bodyguards series, is a take on a stalker who follows a talent show winner, and the bodyguard who keeps him safe! If you could have any actor/characters as a bodyguard, who would it be? Comment below for a chance to win.

Prize: An e-book from this featured year, or your choice from my backlist