2011 was insanely busy. In this year I was writing at least 5000 words a day. The biggest seller of the year had to be The Heart of Texas, which of course exploded into 9 books, plus the 3 books in the Legacy series. Also on this list was my first ever translation – a Spanish version of The Christmas Throwaway.

Books included: Darach's Cariad, The Heart Of Texas, Valentine 2525, All The King's Men, Back Home, Deefur Dog, The Soldier's Tale, One Night, Love Is In The Title, Love Is In The Hallways, Love Is In The Message, Eoin's Destiny, Guarding Morgan, El Chico Indigente en Navidad, Texas Winter, The Gallows Tree, Jesse's Christmas, Proteggere Morgan, Protéger Morgan

This year is where Sanctuary started with Guarding Morgan. Sanctuary saved my house – more details on that in the post for 2012!

Deefur Dog was a lighthearted Manny story, Back Home was angst, and All the Kings Men was a sprawling disaster movie book with an earthquake and forest fires.

I also had my first french and Italian translations with book 1 in the Sanctuary series into both languages and also my first audio with The Christmas Throwaway.

You could say it was the year I tried everything.


2011 was when I wrote Deefur Dog. I love Manny stories, I love dogs, I love writing kids into books. Do you have a pet? Would you like one? Tell me everything! Comment below for a chance to win.

Prize: An e-book from this featured year, or your choice from my backlist