My top 12 reasons I love Christmas! 

1. Family. It’s all about family, and friends, this year we'll be having a Skype Christmas, a little different but at least we'll still be able to see everyone (albeit through the computer) but after this main one we have…

2. Advent Calendars – it all starts here, with that magic countdown to the big day. Of course, Matt’s calendar used to have all the chocolates emptied on day one (he said they accidentally fell in his mouth LOL)

3. Christmas Lights – You could decorate a bucket with fairy lights and it would still look magical. Department store windows. I will happily sit on my sofa in the dark, with just the Christmas Tree Lights on, sipping wine and feeling all kinds of mellow.And Candles, there have to be candles to set the scene.

4. And Chocolates – which come in unfeasibly large tins for the entirety of November and December.

5. I always want it to snow, it’s very unlikely it will here in the UK. The last year we had snow was 2012, but it snowed before Christmas and after, not on the day itself where I lived.

6. I love Christmas music – and start listening to it in July and August when I am writing my Christmas stories LOL. My favorite Christmas song is ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’ by Greg Lake. Second is ‘Christmas Lights’ from Coldplay.

7. The magic of Santa is still real in my house – Matt still believes, or at least he hasn’t said he doesn’t, at 19 that is quite old, but autism gives him a whole new level of beautiful innocence. Briony still wants gifts at the end of her bed when she wakes up, and I love that.

8. The colors of Christmas are magical. Straight on from the beautiful golds and reds of autumn, the crisp blues and silvers of winter, with scarlet berries, and crystal ornaments reflecting rainbow lights… I love it all.

9. There is a whole channel for Christmas films, and I will watch them from November! Nothing like a romance in the snow, with Christmas just around the corner! I have about 15 of my books that feature Christmas in some way, so you can see I love my Christmas romance!

10. I don’t love shopping for gifts in busy towns, but I love finding the ‘right’ gift if I can, this year EVERYTHING will be bought online.

11. Christmas Crackers are the best thing ever. Crappy gifts inside, and the jokes are awful, but putting the hats on is the best thing. Mine only ever stays on for about five minutes before it inevitably falls in my dinner.

12. One of my favorite Christmas presents was the Christmas Annual, which started as Rupert, then moved onto the Blue Peter Annual, and then the Look-In Annual.

Do you have a favorite thing at Christmas? Or the season?