The Book

Luke Schumaker designs computer games, working from his home. Every day he walks his dog in the woods nearby, never suspecting that someone who is completely smitten is watching.

The watcher is Alex Shaw, and he too works from home, designing logic and crossword puzzles. 
Alex’s options are limited: he’s too shy to approach Luke and his wheelchair won’t let him follow into the woods. His solution? 
Secret messages for Luke in the crosswords he writes for the local paper. When Luke decodes them, romance begins, but then they face greater puzzles, like Alex’s interfering sister and what commitment to a man in a wheelchair really takes. 
And, most puzzling of all, how do you know if love is real?
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The Review
Awwwwww…. that is how I sum up this book when I reached the end (which I must admit had me close to a tear or two with the emotion evoked, and that doesn't happen often).
This story is a hundred kinds of awesome. From the way the limitations that Alex is handed with in life was dealt with, to the way Luke commits relationship murder… rofl… This is the perfect story to read with a cup of tea (or coffee!) and biscuits (cookies!).
The downside of this book? I'm running out of damn Eli Easton books to read… *sobs*
On a side note, bloody gorgeous cover art…