Divine Magazine are holding a Pride Blog Hop tour about Love.

It's so difficult to write a blog post about love. How do you define such a huge concept as love? There are so many different facets to one simple word and every time I sat down to write something I found myself writing huge essays.

Then I visited the town where most of my family is from and we visited the cemetery to check in on a gravestone for my great grandparents who are buried together. The names on the stone are fading with age; they died in 1974. This is the story that no one outside of the family knows.

My great-gran died in August 1974. She was an old lady, with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and she lost her life to cancer. Within 4 months, December 1974, my great-granddad had passed away also. There was no real reason for this. He simply gave up; his heart broken. Beneath this grave, with its fading tombstone lies a love-story that most of the world doesn't know. 

But I know and how can I not write romance with a happy ever after when I have that story in my family history?


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