Imagine you are the owner of an now defunct and destroyed GLBTQ publishing house. Imagine you ripped off authors, lied, stole money, owed authors thousands of dollars. Imagine the money runs out to pay authors with lawyers behind them and in panic at everything being revealed by everyone who found out, you abscond back to your own country.

Now imagine, income streams are stopped for you, you're f****d, but hell, you knows the system. And you have every single one of our books in ALL KINDS of formats…

Imagine me being told about a website that has a LOT of my books (and a lot of other author's books as well) available for SALE at $1.50 each. It's a generic pirate book site, but there is one hell of a lot of MM books on there.

Actually, 41 of my books appear on the site. Imagine two thirds of my books all at $1.50 each. With people buying them and probably thinking *hey at least I'm paying for them, so that isn't piracy, right?*

And I'm talking… Montana, Texas, Sanctuary, End Street and other co-authored books and nearly every single book from Silver with original covers.

As I am copy pasting the links to issue take-down my mind starts to wander… after all, copy pasting 41 links to word is pretty mind numbing.

What if you… this ex owner, who has proven  to be someone who doesn't give a shit about authors… is behind the sudden preponderance of Silver covered titles out there on pirate sites that charge us to buy the book? And what if he is breaking DRM on other books and adding them as well…

Yes I know this may sound like a conspiracy theory… but… WHAT IF?