RJ SCOTT MM romance author - USA Today best selling author of MM RomanceI took some photos of the office I work out of for a posting on a friend's promotion and thought I'd share the things here that are all part of my writing space. I'm super lucky that I can use a bedroom that I've taken over and I sit right opposite my bookshelf which has every single paperback I have ever released (or had released for me!). Sometimes, when the words aren't happening on my screen, I'll look over and see the things I've written in the past, and it is a huge inspiration 🙂

On the shelves, I love photos of my family, inspiring quotes (I have a thing for Oscar Wilde since studying Lady Windermere's Fan and The Importance of Being Earnest for A-Level English). I have a rainbow flag that I got at Galway Pride, bobbleheads of Sid and Geno from the Pittsburgh Penguins (Hockey), also one of Legolas (nom). I have old copies of original fan fiction from way back that Chris Quinton gave to me (hand-printed, The Professionals!),  a Pens hockey puck, in fact, several things related to the Pens, including a cap that Vicki Locey sent me for Christmas.

On my desk, apart from my trusty Apple Family Mac, iPad, iPhone, iWatch (yeah, I am easily tempted by the shiny!) I have my cordless headphones. I listen to music when I write – only songs I know really well, that then fade into the background and become almost like white noise. I also love notebooks and all kinds of pens, and there will always be a mug. Most of the time the mug has tea in it, sometimes it's empty, but then I get sad LOL.

Anyway… here are some photos, including the gorgeous view of the park (currently flooded so a lake has formed).  I feel sort of arty taking a photo where the lake is mirrored in my Mac.

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