This is my third UK Meet, I've also *done* GRL and there is that moment when you open the swag bag and you rummage through and you are faced with all this wonderful stuff. As an author I am always looking for new ideas on swag and also learning from things that worked and things that didn't.

I love pens… Clare London, Anna Butler, Belinda McBride (so lovely her pen… pets my precious), Sue Brown, Totally Bound… they all got it right with clear wording and web addresses where they could. One person who's pen I had used cover art and it was a little small and I couldn't see who's it was until I recognised the cover art. I know how difficult it is to visualise your design on such a small space.

Lesson 1 – Use clear words and keep it simple, no cover art on pens.
Lesson 2 – Add web address to my own pens for next order

Other things that worked included

  • Post-it notes from Prism book alliance – although they could do with a line about what they are… Reviews from … etc
  • A discount postcard from Totally Bound for £3, so a free book from their site.
  • Bubbles in a little bottle (Jack the black lab LOVED those!) – but who were they from? If there was a label it came off… 🙁
  • Lip balm from Josephine Myles
  • KC Wells gave me a memory stick in a card… 
  • Wicked Ink Press (WIP, I think it stands for that) gave us an extender thingy. Very useful.
  • The UK Meet itself gave us the memory stick full of the yum with excerpts and stories.
  • Book Cover by Design gave us a cute little notebook and pen
  • Clare London gave me a wish bottle (and Matt lost the lid = gutted)
  • TJ Masters did a very simple and effective cardboard postcard he could fold, two covers on the outside, and details of a book on the inside with blurb… he also used one of those scan cubes

Lesson 3 – Give away something useful – because other paper type stuff I filed, and sweets I gave away
Lesson 4 – Don't give away something that doesn't give you room to properly market yourself
Lesson 5 – Ensure labels don't fall off, or that you have to tear through the label to get inside
Lesson 6 – Add the scan cube I created a few years back to our marketing material