The Demons Blood

The Novel Approach – 5/5 – “….This is one of my favorite books in the series so far. I loved to see Asher start to come into himself. He has always known what his place was, but he didn’t have the fortitude to fight for it. It took the love of his mate, the support of his brother, and the honesty of a king to give him the push he needed. Once Ahser and Simeon put their strength together they realized there wasn’t anything they couldn’t accomplish….”

Mrs Condit & Friends Read Books – 4/5 – “….The Demon’s Blood is a solid chapter that moves the fight against Glitnir satisfyingly forward, slotting yet another element into place ready for the final push against Ludvik. Asher and Simeon are likeable characters, and their journey together is only just beginning. I must admit I am hoping that RJ will provide an epilogue at the end of the last book which ties up all the relationships. For anyone who loves epic fantasy The Supernatural Bounty Hunters is a series not to be missed….”

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Crooked Tree Ranch

MM Good Book Reviews – 4/5 – “….I loved this story, it had just the right amount of everything to keep me turning the pages and having me scouring the internet for hints about future books, it had me secretly grinning that it had sexy cowboys and I'd snatched the book right out from under Cat's nose *raspberry*. It got my mind flying off wondering what happened to the young teenagers who had disappeared… *R.J. I want to know… NOW*, it had me sighing over family and the changes that security and a fresh start can bring. It's a very fulfilling story that doesn't have a miss, it hits the spot from every aspect and I am really hoping that R.J. coughs up the next in the series pretty quickly….”

Because Two Men are better than one – 4/5 – “….As in most R.J. Scott books, there is a strong family theme. In this case, we have a focus on two families, where the brother has taken on a role as head of the family. Firstly there is Jay’s family, where Jay takes a role supporting his sister who had been abused in the past and acts as a father figure to her kids. There is also Nate’s family, where Nate had been the head of the household since his parents were killed when he was eighteen. Most of his decisions have been based on keeping the ranch running for his younger brothers. Both our main characters put their family first and are supportive and protective….”

Sid Love – 4.5/5 – “….One thing that is very likable is the connection between not only the main characters but also the families. A thing Mrs. Scott is very capable of doing I can say from experience. Besides the main characters Jay and Nate you also feel the moments between Gabe and Ashley and even the youngsters Luke, Kirsten and Little Josh….”

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New York Christmas

Life on Magrs – “….These two men and their courtship and predicament seemed very real to me. Their awkwardness and hesitations, and then the very exciting moments of shared communication and passion rang very true. This is a classy romance, full of atmosphere. And maybe I’m going soft and sentimental – but I loved it, and wanted more of this kind of gay romance….”

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Bodyguard to a Sex God

UK Gay Romance5/5“….Body Guard to a Sex God by Rj. Scott is crazy good. Not only are the main characters strongly written, so are the sub characters. The writing makes it very easy for the readers to feel what the characters are feeling. This is a fun whodunit lite read that will keep you guessing until the very end. Just when you figure it out, the game changes….”

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