My first day back in the office after a gorgeous four day break at Center Parcs. I was computer free and internet free all weekend so instead I focused on plotting and planning in my head! Useful things came from that including a fully formed chapter 1 of Texas Family (Texas 4) and a character sketch for Ellery 7 – The Agent and the Model.

UK Meet

Amber and I are meeting up on Friday, and are both attending the UK Meet in Manchester next weekend… much fun will be had by me being able to tease Amber in person as opposed to just on Facebook *inserts evil laugh*.

If you are following me on Twitter ( then I will be tweeting this weekend from the UK meet (Saturday 13th & SUnday 14th)… I will also be facebooking!

The hash tag for the weekend is: #ukmeet.

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Work in Progress

This week I am working on The New Wolf – book 1 in the ‘Building the Pack' trilogy. Stephanie Hecht is writing book 2, and Amber Kell, book 3. These books are to celebrate our joint Gay Rom Lit panel in October. My book is out 1 August, Steph's 15 August, and Amber's 1 September.

I have a sketched out story for The Agent And The Model (Ellery 7, An Ellery Christmas). What happens when Mikey, sorry Michael, returns to Ellery after five years away?

Texas Family – is book four in the Texas Series and I have chapter one firmly in my head now… yum… Riley and Jack and a pool side cabana… sighs at the mental imagery.


World's Collide (Sanctuary 7)

This is receiving some lovely reviews and readers are sending me awesome messages. Am so pleased you all enjoyed my revisit to Dale and Joseph…

MM Goood Book Reviews – 4/5 – Ahhhh. These people are so romantic in their own macho way and they are surprising sweet together. Joseph has a lot of thinking to do about his future. Not just about his relationship, but also what he wants to do in his work life. Dale is just happy to have whatever time he can have with his sexy SEAL, especially if it involves him naked. These guys still have that explosive spark and they are still macho men. what they feel for each other is clear to see in their actions and thoughts and I can finally sigh in relief as they get their happy ever after.

Hearts On Fire Reviews – 4/5 – The story gave action at the airport fighting Griffin and his men who tried to kill Emily Bullen and balanced it with a great romance.

How Much For The Whole Night (Free Story)

Josh is mid divorce, fighting for custody of his son and escaping a marriage built on lies. In a bar the night before final hearings he meets a hooker with a body made of sin. Just one night of being true to himself, one night of being held down and made to feel? Surely that isn’t too much to ask?

The full story can be downloaded FREE here:

Rainbow Reviews said this: “This is the sexiest, most erotic story of RJ's that I've ever read. I really got into the emotions of both men as they did an age old dance of power and dominance, with some of the hottest sex I've ever read about in a story. This short, titillating tale is well worth reading, especially if you want to get into a sensual zone. I'd recommend it to anyone seeking escape from their ordinary lives and into a world of sheer excitement, pleasure, and promise. Thank you, RJ. This book really hits the spot. I would absolutely love to see more of Josh and Ethan…please?”