Coming Soon…

Well, Love's Design is off with the editor for it's second pass, and is on track for the 11 December release, which is like just over a week away (Panics). I absolutely adore Kirby, and Stefan is just a big marshmallo inside a CIA agent! As for the kids, and the tree, and the snow… it has a Christmas theme as you can see!

Of course it was supposed to be my late November book, but you all forced me to write Texas Wedding (yes, I mean you!), and it pushed everything back. (That is my excuse and I am sticking to it! LOL)

Works in progress and early 2016 releases

Notes & Roses

So, I am twelve k into my first ever MF book, if you only like my MM then skip this paragraph! Notes & Roses is under my new alter ego name *Rozenn Scott* and will be with you February. It's book 1 in a new series, Stanford Creek, and yes, there is a gay brother who will get his own story (promise!).

The Rancher's Son

Finally, two years after Crooked Tree Ranch I will be writing the sequel, the second book in the Montana series. This will be out in March and I already have the initial story line set in my head. So excited to be doing this.

Deacon's Law

This is the next project after Montana 2, being the last in the three book Heroes series (A Reason To Stay & Last Marine Standing, being books 1 and 2 respectively). This is Deacon's story and how he has to pose as a teacher… yep… excited to be writing this one as well…

Alongside all of this Amber and I will be writing End Street 6, and making a decision on whether to wrap the series there, or take it to 8… what do you think?

Next up after that is either Sanctuary 9, Ghost, or Montana 3… I haven't decided yet… I'll see how it goes. I also have the Legacy Series to start.

And of course, in my spare time I'll be writing book 2 in the MF series…

Busy Busy

Conventions in 2016

I can't attend Berlin (the Euro Con) or the Italian con 🙁 Childcare is an important issue for us and so it's hard to go everywhere.

I will be at UK Meet in September (actually for my birthday!) and also hope to get to GRL again, as I get to harass Amber.

Watch this space for more news


The Agent and the Model, is the last book back from Totally Bound for some time, and has new cover art (watch this space for a cover reveal later today!). So that is me having Ellery 4 5 6 & 7. Of course, Ellery 6 & 7 will be available as a volume in paperback as well!