Morning all!

I promise to get a better idea of where I'm at once I've been back at work a few days… I've missed writing so much and I need to dig into it and get my head straight before I throw plans your way!

Just a quick one though. I had a visit from one Meredith Russell and we brainstormed men for covers and I can announce the next Bodyguards Inc book will be called Kissing Alex. Meredith has the art request, so watch this space …

This story follows Alex, from Twelfth Wonder… now, who remembers him? And do you recall who he was instrumental in saving?

More news on this to follow…

Also, on the MF news side with my alter ego Rozenn Scott, I've added a book 2 title to the series and will have cover art shortly. The title of book 2 is Coffee and Hope.

And now to writing… first, to write an additional chapter with sex scene for The Agent and the Model, then finish my MF, Notes and Roses, and then straight onto Montana 2, The Rancher's Son.