Keukenhof, Netherlands, 2015 - RJ Scott Romance Author MM

Keukenhof, Netherlands, 2015 – RJ Scott, MM Romance Author

I had a memory come up on my timeline today on Facebook – in 2015 myself, mum, my sister, and daughter, went to Amsterdam for a short girlie break.

We didn't spend much time in Amsterdam itself, choosing to hire a car and go traveling.

We visited Keukenhof (a huge garden complex full of the most wonderful flowers), the beach, Delft, various small villages, a castle, and one really spooky trip over a long causeway that had the sea one side and a lake the other with two startlingly different colors. So cool.

It just made me think about the world outside my window – how no one is able to visit Keukenhof at this time of the year when it's at it's best, and no visitor can sit on the beach.

Sad times.

One day I'd like to go back, because it was one of the best days of my life – the gardens, and then onto the beach. Beautiful.

<edit> I have just read they are doing virtual tours of the gardens – so you may want to visit their website to see – I promise you won't be disappointed.

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