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multitaskingmomma, that's me, is a doctor's wife, a mother to two daughters, housewife, freelancer, blogger, pack leader to 5 dogs, cook and  I read books about anything and everything, as long as they capture my imagination. However, while it's mostly MM books these days, I can never refuse a great read. I am generally in charge of all LGBTQ books, no matter the category. I read memoirs, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, etcetera. 

Ramona is my sister-in-law. Believe it or not, she was once my student before she became my brother's wife. Long story and perhaps future literary fodder. She is an active prepper, a former freelancer, a blogger, and a highly experimental cook. She reads books of any genre – as long as the blurb strikes a chord and the topic is not fluffy, she loves them. (Notice any similarities?) She is basically in charge of all the General Fiction Novels under which can be the following: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotic MF, Paranormal MF, as long as they are MF.


We review books and sometimes we ramble about our frustrations, but we really just review books and make recommendations to friends and family. Why do we do what we do? Well simple: we love books! We also love connecting with authors who we fangirl over most times. It's a beautiful experience getting to not only read talent but to be able to connect with the source of that talent. 

Review System

We follow the usual 5 stars rating but multitaskingmommas Book Reviews have added a different one: the Light and Short Read. The highest rate for these books are a 4 Stars which is an equivalent to a 5 Stars really. So don't be sad, it means a lot to us to read something short & light that leaves quite an impact. These may not necessarily be freebies, but if they are? Well, the four stars mean an absolute recommended read. Reviewed books with the Light & Short Read tags will fall under this rating system.

That said, there is a method to our admitted madness. The stars we award depend on how much certain things affect us. For more on this try skipping over to our Review System page.

We have published 853 posts – this is after we lost our blog beginning of third quarter last year because of a nasty hacking. Since then, we have upped our blog security and make sure to back up. The lost posts, alas, can no longer be found so whatever reviews we had are gone forever. Since our blog's ‘rebirth' we have reached almost 30,000 viewers and have more than 630 Likes on our Facebook page which makes us really happy!

To date our top review posts are: 

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While the Top Post that is most viewed is none other than RJ Scott Mini Author Tour: Win #Free ebook And Other Prizes!

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Twitter: @headoutofoven

We accept Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotic MF, Paranormal MF, LGBTQ (MM & FF) books, no matter the sub-category. We read memoirs, paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi, etcetera. 

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