When Mrs Condit approached me to say they wanted to do a one day focus on all five of the Texas books I must admit I was a little on the nervous side… Texas Christmas had only just come out and while Texas Family had done really well in sales and in reviews, I was thinking people may be all *Texas'd out* ROFL… I needn't have worried. They liked all five books giving each one either 4.5 or 5 out of 5…
Thanks guys… you made my week… 🙂

Becky Reviews The Heart of Texas by RJ Scott

5/5 Sweet Peas – One thing I really liked was that although the MCs are gay men the stories revolve around family. It’s like having your cake and eating it, too. Jack and Riley are big men with strong personalities. Once they finally accept that they are meant for each other they are great together in business, at home, and especially in bed.

Becky Reviews Texas Winter by RJ Scott

4.5/5 Sweet Peas – This is a great soap opera, well worth the investment of a couple of days to read each book.

Becky Reviews Texas Heat by RJ Scott

5/5 Sweet Peas – Jack’s friend Eli cooks up the cowboy model shoot but his path is crossed with the new foreman of the ranch, Robbie. Both Robbie and Eli are hiding secrets. It wouldn’t be a proper soap opera without secrets, lies, bad communication, and lots of hot sex, would it? Ms Scott definitely delivers on all points.

Becky Reviews Texas Family by RJ Scott

4.5/5 Sweet Peas – Another sweet, romantic story from RJ Scott, who always delivers what she promises: people in love and an HEA.

Becky Reviews Texas Christmas by RJ Scott

5/5 Sweet Peas – Whenever you think RJ Scott might be running out of characters to write about in this series, guess again. I loved seeing Jack and Riley again, and all of their children, including the three new ones from Texas Family. Little Max is so challenged and so lucky to have Jack and Riley in his life. The twins are just babies but are as important to the family as anyone else.