Today is a bank holiday Monday so we are all off today and this week marks another week with Matthew at home… let's see how much work I actually get done…

My plans this week:

  • Chapter for Meredith Russell on Capture The Sun (Sapphire Cay #5)
  • Chapter for Chris Quinton on Heat
  • Amendments on anything my beta picks up on Bodyguard 2, The Ex Factor, then having it ready for sending to Editor
  • Planning and first chapters on Last Marine Standing (Heroes #2)
  • Planning on book 1 of a new series of inter related books with a group of authors arising from the UK Writers Retreat… The Thornewood Portals…. more news to follow very soon.
  • Write up on the UK Writers retreat
  • Reviews owed for KJ Charles, Sue Brown & Garret Leigh
  • Organise myself for the UK Meet which is under two weeks away now
  • Sleep, if I can fit it in

Other News

Release date set for Bodyguard 2, The Ex Factor – 27 June
I'm part of a group writing five related stories based around an old cookery book, my co authors are Amber Kell, Marie Sexton, Mary Calmes and Amy Lane… seriously, I am not worthy. This is being offered to Dreamspinner who I haven't really worked with in a long time, and then only for a short story in an anthology and a short MMM, so this will be interesting. The idea is we each write a freestanding book but that they all form part of a larger story arc… very excited.
A Reason To Stay is still in the 100 for gay & gay romance and has done so well, so thank you EVERYONE for buying and reading and reviewing. Love you all.
Book 2 in the Heroes Series, entitled Last Marine Standing, will be with you end July.