… yes I know it is Tuesday but Matt has only just gone back to school today so it is like my Monday… he he…

So onwards and upwards…

Releases in January

Currently writing

  • The Incubus Agenda
  • Heat with Chris Quinton – more details to follow
  • The Case Of The Purple Pearl with Amber Kell – more details to follow

Currently planning

  • Sapphire Cay 5 (with Meredith Russell)
  • Unexpected Heroes (Books 1 and 2)
  • Montana 2 

Upcoming artwork from Meredith Russell

Current project work

  • Updating print books page on rjscott.co.uk
  • Getting Texas Christmas into Print 
  • Creating book pages for Heat, Sapphire Cay 5 and The Case of The Purple Pearl!
  • Autism Awareness Month, April 2014