I know I will forget things, and people! I connected with so many new authors I had not spoken to before that I realise I should have made notes…

Instead my highlights of the weekend!

The Alan Turing sculpture and the guy
whe wanted to be in the pictures we
were all taking!  Today Alan was
wearing eyeshadow in a fetching
shade of goldy-yellow.

The tour around Canal Street by a guide who explained the highs and lows of the GLBT movement in Manchester. Amazing and sad at the same time. We were there when they were crowning Miss Sparkle and the atmosphere on a hot summer's night was fantastic. We were shown where Albert Kennedy died, which was a numbing thing to see, we saw the nightclub used as *Babylon* in the UK's Queer as Folk. We walked the same canal path as thousands of gay men looking to hook up before being gay was legalised. Just amazing. The one that stuck with me, along side Albert's story, was Alan Turing. If you don't know who he is then you should look him up, one of the UK guilty secrets 🙁

Apparently the staue is forever having painted nails or eyeshadow which is a brilliant idea. no grafitti, just the pretties…

We also took time to visit the HIV memorial in the same park and only when I look back on my photos do I realise that Liam Livings, an author and one of the meet organisers is in EVERY photo bar one.

We ended the tour at Gaydio, where the guide works, which is the worlds biggest gay radio. http://uk.gaydio.co.uk/. They have a whole section on what it was like being GLBTQ in Manchester before and after legalisation. Fascinating.

My other highlight was meeting authors and readers. I fangirled Marie Sexton completely by jumping her, the poor girl. I think she got over it although RJ Scott inapproproately draping herself over Ms Sexton was probably a weird one to watch.

I made friends with Lavinia Lewis, Rowan Speedwell, Kay Berrisford, Madelynne Ellis, met up with Sue Brown, Josie Goodreads, Serena Yates, EJ Sutter, Monique from SinfullySexy reviews (who i never got around to talking to in detail 🙁 )… all fabulous! And mostly spent the entire weekend taking the piss out of Amber. he he…. Names I forget are the three girls at the meal Saturday night who rescued me with food, thank you girls, you were awesome.

I gave my talk on blogging which wasn't horrible.. rofl… people said they liked it and I really hope I get some of them over on my blog… watch this space…

It was the hottest weekend for seven years (or something like that!) but inside we had icicles from the air con… I hate the heat and the air con was fab… rofl… maybe just a little OTT.

Still on meds for my back I didn't drink, except for a small flute of champagne at the Saturday dinner, but on a good note my neck is better and I am down with writing this week – it's been over a week now since I could write and god, do I feel withdrawal symptoms! ROFL…

As an aside – I relearned the value of the UK's National Health Service. However much people moan, the NHS supports my husband with diabeters, my son with autism, me with my happy meds, my daughter and counselling, the list goes on. And the cost to us = £0. Those of us in the UK (and Canada I believe?) need to moan less and maybe spend some time in the US paying a months salary just on meds… sighs… my heart goes out to every one of you who struggle or have to stay working just for healthcare…

As another aside, if I had a pound for every time I had to use the words *I can't talk about it* this weekend then I would be rich. ROFL…

Texas 4

Also a wonderful thank you to the readers at the meet who told me they were desperate for Texas 4… I signed cover art for 1 – 3, and gave them all the date of 15 November for a Texas 4 release… I was so proud they not only wanted the cards but they also knew exactly what they wanted in Texas 4… if i mention twins I got a resounding *squuuueeeee* … ROFL… I had a very interesting dicussion over whether to include autism in the book… watch this space for what I decide.

Other News

This week I am writing *A New Wolf* Book 1 in the Building the Pack series. Book 2 will be written by Stephani Hecht and book 3 by Amber Kell. This is due out with eXtasy on 1 August… I'd best get a move on…

Friday 19th July is third party release date for The Doctor & the Bad Boy which is doing well so far.

The HIV monument
(and Liam Livings who was in
all of my photos.. rofl!)

My Kindle Died

And I am so traumatised that I had to make this event it's own heading.. a memorial service will be held today in time for my new reader arriving tomorrow… yay…

Cory Monteith

I couldn't believe the news he died. My daughter and I loved the first few series and from all accounts he was a nice guy. We saw Glee Live at the O2 and whilst he didn't have the best voice that night he was bloody good. *Has a sad*, a terrible waste. Guardian Obit.

The Royal Birth

Girl. Boy. Straight. Gay. Weight. Who knows… all I do know is that it is my daughter's 17th birthday tomorrow and it would be way cool if our future king or queen was born on the same day. Poor cow though, going through childbirth in this heat… rofl… I bet HER room has air conditioning… 'cause mine sure didn't in 1996.. he he