So this week is a game of two halves…


The first half (or 3/5 to be exact, less the time it takes me to get my nails done!) is writing AND FINISHING The Ex Factor (Bodyguard 2). It is currently at 25,000 words and will be around 40,000 and I want it off to my Beta before Thursday.

MM Writers Retreat

The second half of the week (Or 2/5) is Thursday and Friday at the inaugural MM Writers Retreat… two days, one night, authors in a country hotel in the middle of nowhere… plotting and planning and probably drinking also…

The authors have this group idea to create a series based around the beautiful house we are staying in… watch this space for more… on my twitter, FB & instagram I will hashtag with #mmwritersretreat for any news or interesting gossip. Very excited and if all goes well I will probably organise to do something like this again, later this year or early next… The website featuring the first brave writers to attend is here:


The Italian Translation of The Christmas Throwaway will be available this Friday. I am so excited to see how this one does… 🙂

Texas News

Due to the unfailing poking from several millionty people… looks at you all pointedly, you know who you are… there is an extreme likelihood that there will be a Texas 6, at the moment titled Texas Fall. Written and due for release around GRL again I think… I have had two or three stories in my head for the longest time but I sincerely thought I would be boring you all by writing them. Turns out that isn't true according to emails and posts, so, I give in… Texas Fall is aiming for an early October release. And no I will NEVER have Jack and Riley apart, or dead, or maimed… although I may hurt them a bit they will NEVER doubt their love for each other or their families.

Sanctuary News

I'm not sure I have enough hours in the day but there will be a Sanctuary 8… just not sure of title or release date yet…

UK Meet

Looking forward to attending and planning marketing and book orders daily… is awesome.

RJ's recommended reads

I owe reviews on a couple of books (KJ Charles, Joanna Chambers) and I promise my succinct one liner reviews (or two if you're lucky!) will return in the next few days.

Current WIPs: 

The Ex Factor (Bodyguards Inc 2)
The Case Of The Purple Pearl (with Amber Kell)
Capture The Sun (with Meredith Russell) 50% done
Heat (with Chris Quinton)