Actor Jacob Riley is a typical former Hollywood child star with serious issues. He has already done prison time, and at the age of twenty-six has been arrested for possession yet again.

Quietly working to make the world a better place, Ethan Myers is the owner and manager of Macs, an education center for local, low-income families. Losing his partner to cancer has left him lost and alone, and he buries himself in his work in the hope it will mend his broken heart.

Sparks fly when Jacob is forced to complete his community service at Macs. Despite their best efforts to resist, the two men find themselves growing closer as a spoiled Jacob gains his first glimpse at the real world.

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Larger blurb courtesy of Book Wenches: Jacob Riley is one of Hollywood’s bad boys. Child star turned television and B movie actor, he has a reputation for wildness and difficulty honed by years of close encounters with drugs and alcohol. When his latest brush with the law results in him facing a prison term that could ruin his career, he is offered a choice: either participate in a new kind of rehab program or go to prison…again.

Mac’s is an adult education center located in a part of Los Angeles known for gang violence. They are not a drug rehab program, but Ethan Meyers has agreed to oversee Jacob’s community service probation in exchange for a donation from Jacob’s wealthy father. Ethan is less than impressed with the spoiled and immature actor, but the center – his labor of love – is struggling financially. He figures that he can put up with just about anything for four months in order to keep his program alive.

The two men don’t exactly start on a positive note. Jacob is angry enough to want to sabotage the program, and Ethan sees the young man as more of a hindrance than a help. Over time, however, a truce develops, and soon Jacob finds himself more involved with the center – and with Ethan – than he has ever been with anything in his self-centered life. But is this change in him permanent? Is the enfant terrible actually growing up? Or is he just marking time until his four months are up and he can return to his old life in Hollywood?


Bookwenches rated Moments at 4.5/5 – Overall, I was impressed with this story. It entertained me, touched me, and satisfied my romantic sweet tooth. And oh yes, a word of warning for the emotional lightweights out there, like me: a couple of tissues might be required. I freely admit to shedding a tear or two over this story; in fact, I count this as a sign of a pretty decent romance. I will definitely be seeking out more of Ms. Scott’s work in the future. Read More>>

Dark Diva's Reviews – rated 4 Delightful Divas – Moments by RJ Scott is a multi-layered novel of redemption with an engaging cast of characters. Jacob’s recovery is realistic and sometimes painful to read as he realizes he is ultimately responsible for the path his life has taken. Ethan and Jacob take the time to slowly and carefully cultivate their budding relationship, and the passion between them is explosive. Read More>>

Bittersweet Reviews rated Moments 5 – …I also love the fact R J Scott avoided the temptation of making Jacob an A list movie star and his presence at the Oscars hardly raised a blip on the showbiz radar. When I read the Oscars featured in the book, I already had visions of the redeemed actor getting out of rehab and winning an Oscar but thankfully that wasn’t the case. Once the problems are resolved, there is a suitably romantic ending that will have even the most hardhearted sighing in pleasure. Read More>>

The Readers Roundtable rated 4 Golden Crowns – Moments is another astounding love story by RJ Scott. Ms. Scott has a knack for putting together what seem to be polar opposites but showing they really aren’t. … Moments is about all those “moments” you find yourself never realizing you wanted until you experienced them. RJ Scott created a special couple in Ethan and Jacob. Another good read by a wonderful author. More>>