I am sure there will be people I forget on this post and I apologize now. This year has been a year of wonderful highs and frustrating lows and never more than before have I seen who my friends are and how they have helped me… so in no particular order I give you the roll call for thanks and love…
Meredith Russell – squishes you… my very best online friend… god knows how many years you have put up with me now but without you there with me every day things would be very sad on my PC… love you squishy.. xx

Chris Quinton – Thank you for being the one who said I should try writing professionally and the one person who kept me in line when my esteem issues threatened to drag me down… thank you… xx

Diane Adams – it's been one hell of a year, but babe, 2013 is going to rock big time… hugs xx 
Amber Kell – consider this the one nice thing I'm doing for December my posh American friend… Meeting you in September was one of the highlights of that week… I might even like you a little bit (not much… just a little bit) sniggers. Hugs xxxx

Carol Lynne, thank you for your unwavering support and advice in what has been an ‘interesting' year. You gave me the push I needed to submit to different publishers and never for one minute doubted they would want me (unlike me who worried like a worrying thing!). Thank you for that and the frozen grapes Carol. xx

Serena Yates, for talking to hubby when the shit hit the fan, and for giving me someone to talk to when the going got rough.

My Brit Girls – Meredith, Chris Quinton, Lisa Worrall, Sue Brown and SA Meade – with the Hearts Of England Antho and the free Christmas story we frankly rocked as a group. Our little super sekrit squirrel Facebook group has been the single place where I felt safe and loved and where I could rant and shout and laugh and cry without judgement. I love you all.

To the wonderful authors I met in Tennessee… you are too many to mention but jeez, we had such a wonderful time chatting and learning. We became the kind of wonderful support network that has seen us end the year on much more of a high than perhaps we expected after November. Hugs you all very hard…

Erika Orrick, thank you for your awesome editing skills… you make me look good.

Bitter Grace Art – for the amazing cover art that you created under pressure and in the quickest turnaround that I have ever seen. I lost so many covers this year but I am so damn happy to have found you.
Tabatha Heart –  for the lovely art for Bodyguards Inc book 1… thank you hun xxx
Reviewers including Don and Josie, and the various review sites that have supported my writing and do a sterling job all the time. Without reviews there would be less readers! This includes, MM Goodbooks Reviews, Rainbow Book Reviews, Mrs Condit Reads Books and so many others…

Thank you to Total E-Bound and eXtasy who I now have 2013 contracts with and to LooseID who are interested in a MS of mine for their wedding call. I am hoping that 2013 will be a very productive and financially rewarding year for us all.

To all the other people who support and talk and share my writing and my publishing…

Nicole, Sharon, Monique, Scott, Tom A, Josie, Don, Marcus, Aniko, Kim, Cassidy, Patricia, Pippii, Paula, Beverly, Dani, Linda, Aurore, Cinders, Carter, Lexi, Kimber, Sarah, Helle, Linda, XBeany, and everyone else who comments on everything I post on Facebook. Also, thank you to ‘most' of the Silver support group (ROFL).

I KNOW I have probably missed people out… my head is a bit full of everything at the moment…

SO to everyone, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.