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I'm currently working on Diamonds of Victory, book four in the Gemstones
Chronicles series. Sam's New Family is up for a transformation from
short story to novella length next. I'm planning rereleases of my
Workplace Encounters books later this year, and I recently submitted
book four in the Modern Battles series; hopefully Fighting for Freedom
will be out in May or June with Dreamspinner Press.

The Book

Max still can’t get over the loss of his lover two years after the
accident – so a trip to Florence and its famous works of art might be
just what he needs.

Max Travis is a lonely bus driver, stuck in a
job he doesn’t want but he has to pay the bills. He’d love to be a
photographer and is interested in art, so his brother gives him a trip
to Florence for Valentine’s Day. Even though Max thinks the gift is too
lavish, he can’t resist the temptation and goes. When he runs into hunky
art professor Rocco Moretti on his first day there, the attraction is

The two men share a steamy romance, but what will happen when Max must return to the USA?
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Rocco Moretti was taking in the scene as
he completed a leisurely walk through the centre of Florence on this beautiful
Saturday afternoon. He’d lived here for almost ten years now, but he could
never get enough of its statues. Maybe it was because he was a sculptor
himself, at least when he wasn’t teaching art history to mostly unwilling young
artists. But mostly he thought it was the sculptures' beauty and majestic
permanence that drew him.
Rocco grinned at his own melodramatic
thoughts as he rounded the octagonal fountain, looking up to admire Neptune glistening in the sunshine. He was nothing like
the bronze river gods, satyrs and marble sea horses around the perimeter of his
domain. Made from Apuan marble, he stood above and apart from them, dominance
and authority pouring from his every beautifully sculpted muscle.
Rocco stopped in his tracks, whipping his
head around to find out who had run into him. A flash of longish blond hair
turned into a bright face with light blue eyes and pink lips when the smaller
man looked up at him. He blinked and wobbled on his feet, clearly disoriented.
Scusi.”  Rocco grabbed the man by the shoulders to
prevent him from falling.
“I… Sorry.” The stranger grinned,
steadying himself as he held onto the camera.
Aha, a tourist. His fine facial structure and white skin reminded Rocco of marble. His
body was well proportioned without being muscular. Rocco felt physical
attraction tugging at him, intensified by the adorable confusion in the
brightest blue eyes he’d seen in a long time. Their owner looked young, maybe
in his early twenties.
“It is I who am sorry.” Rocco switched to
his mother’s language easily. He didn’t let go, liking the feeling of the
unexpectedly strong shoulders and upper arms under the down jacket. “I should
have watched where I was going. It’s not the first time I’m here, after all.”
“No, no, I’m sorry.” The tentative smile on his lips made his face light up.
“It’s just that I didn’t expect the fountain to be this beautiful, so I wasn’t
paying attention to anything else.”
“Well, it appears you weren’t the only
one.” Rocco reluctantly let go and took the smallest possible step back. “I was
just as distracted, and I’ve lived here for a long time. I still take weekly
walks around the centre, just to enjoy the beautiful art and architecture
“You live here? Wow, you’re very lucky.”
He didn’t seem to want to move away either. “I’m just visiting.”
“Is this your first visit?” Rocco would
bet it was, he’d rarely seen this much wide-eyed wonder in anyone’s gaze.
“Yeah. I’ve wanted to come here for a long
time.” He grinned. “I can’t wait to explore everything.”
“Would you like some help with that?” Oh,
Rocco would like to explore this man as well, but they could always start with
the sights. He’d use any excuse to spend more time with the cute stranger.
“Uhm…” He frowned. “I don’t want to be a
“You wouldn’t be. It would be my pleasure
because it gives me an excuse to visit all my favourite spots again. My name is
Rocco Moretti, and I’m an art history professor at the Florence Academy of
Art.” Rocco held out his hand, delighted with their first skin to skin contact
when the other man took it. “I only have two classes to teach on Friday, so I
would be happy to take you around the city any time.”
 “That’s a great offer.” He man took a deep
breath. “I’m Max Travis, just arrived a few hours ago and here for a whole
“So, do we have a deal?” Rocco held his
breath. He really, really wanted to get to know Max better. A lot better.
“Only if you let me invite you for a
coffee.” Max grinned and took his hand back.
“Okay.” Good place to start.
“Would you—maybe—know the best place for
coffee around here?” Max’s smile turned impish. “I mean, it wouldn’t do if I
took you somewhere awful, would it?”
Rocco laughed out loud. Max was cute and
had a sense of humour. It looked more and more like it was going to be a great