Xtreme Delusions 5/5The sex scenes between Max and Luke aren’t bad either. <grin>

R.J. Scott has once again blended a suspenseful storyline with characters the reader can’t help but care about. There are many possible suspects for who is threatening Lucien and I was kept in suspense until all was revealed.

Making it Happen – 4/5 With each book I read in the Bodyguards, Inc series, I'm getting more and more hooked on RJ Scott's writing.

The suspense is kept up throughout the story just as it was in the first two books of the series, and it kept me drawn in trying to guess who the real threat was supposed to be.  I honestly had no clue.  I really like getting both Max and Lucien's points of view as it gives the story more depth as well as clearly showing us how both of them feel.

Bookaholics not so anonymous 4/5 – Who doesn't love a royalty-falling-for-a-commoner story

Who doesn't love a royalty-falling-for-a-commoner story and this one has a mystery aspect to it and it certainly had me guessing, what with more than one suspicious person to consider. I really liked Max and how Lucien was always his top priority, regardless if it made him look unsympathetic to others. Lucien was such a dear, especially with how he was with Jamie Green, his housemate, and he was able to be himself with Max. It was as if Max got him and they were able to form this bond together. 

United Indie Book Blog 4/5 – Another amazing story from RJ Scott in the Bodyguard Inc. series. 

This book took me on a journey with through them finding love, beating the odds, and making what they have all the while weeding out the one that is hunting Lucien. I definitely enjoyed this story through till the end. I would recommend this story especially if the reader is looking for something more than sex and passion. Rj Scott gives a story that will keep you in it till the end

Bayou Book Junkie 4/5 a good read, steamy and enjoyable!

They did have great chemistry, though, and I loved seeing them together.
Seeing Kyle and Ross again in the book was awesome, and I'm really
excited that the next book in the series is theirs!!!

Foxylutely Books 3.75/5 – A light hearted romance with a dash of mystery and suspense.

As with the other books in the series the romance element is a slow progression for the two main characters and is due here to Lucien’s hesitancy for his past indiscretion and his inexperience. Max is also trying to remain professional so tries to stay away from things heading in that direction.

Southern Babes Book Blog – to follow…

Busy Bumblebee Book Reviews 4/5I'm giving this book 4 out of 5 Stars!!!!

I thought you could tell the attraction of Max and Lucien right off the bat, but nothing really came of it right away, which was nice. Of course like the other books in this series there was a bit of mystery that played out and the author kept you guessing who it was. As I said in my last review in this series, I have really enjoyed these books.

Jen's Corner Spot 4/5 – I couldn't put it down

From the beginning stand off between old bodyguard and new bodyguard you will not want to stop reading and I believe you will love these guys just as much as I did. Overall I'm rating this one in at four stars!! I cannot wait to read the next one!!!