I love writing stories about family. It could be the family a character is born into, or maybe it's about a family found, or even family that consists of the character's closest friends or comrades in arms.

There's nothing quite like writing stories about siblings, with the easy familiarity and the quirks that go with any close relationship. To me, a family link makes my characters more rounded and I learn a lot from how a character may interact with their sister, or a nephew, or their mom. I particularly enjoy writing books about brothers, and the way that they will tease each other, but also always be there when they are needed.

Another theme I love to feature in my books is my hero dealing with the fallout of being in a broken family. This could be due to parents not accepting who the character is, and sometimes going as far as throwing my hero out onto the streets.

If you like ‘family' in your books, then you can pretty much pick up any of my books. From The Christmas Throwaway to the Texas and Montana series' and of course my Single Dads series, you can find family at the center of them all. Then there is the brotherhood of special agents, SEALS, Marines, hockey players – to me that is all about creating a family circle of trust and dependability.