RJ Scott, Hockey Romance, Gay Romance,…It’s the build-up to Christmas Day. From July (when I am playing Christmas music as I write) to October, the Christmas season seems far away. And then it becomes 1 November, and all of a sudden, it’s here!

Clocks change, it’s dark early, in the UK we have Bonfire Night, with fireworks. The leaves are turning, there is frost in the mornings, and everyone seems to be making plans for Christmas.

So, I think it is the build-up to Christmas which makes me happy, and the expectation and wishes for how I’d like Christmas to be.

It’s planning meals out with friends, and deciding what day to put the tree up, and planning the kinds of food we’ll be buying in for Christmas (and wine!).

I will start watching Christmas movies in November, begin wrapping presents early December, and the tree will go up a week or two before the big day. I love the lights in shops, and people’s windows, everything looks so pretty on a cold frosty day.
In Dallas Christmas, poor Logan, is in exactly the wrong place for how he wants Christmas to be. Normally he is in Canada with guaranteed snow, and his family all around him, but circumstances mean he is in Dallas between games. Alone.

Well, not alone, but with three of the ‘kids’ on the team, the new guys who are in their first season. He’s a veteran now, approaching thirty, and way back in the closet, so he has secrets to hide, and peace to try and find. He wants snow, and family, and presents. What he gets is warmer weather, not even a sign of frost, and a man who threatens his secret. I hope you enjoy the story, along with MM stories from VL Locey and Susan Scott Shelley.

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