About this trilogy of books

When I first announced I would be writing a trilogy of books about Kyle, Gabriel, and Daniel, I had a lot of responses that mostly went, *Yay; we get to see Jack and Riley again*. Now while this was very heartening, it also meant that instead of being a true standalone book, the books would need to have special appearances from the boys in my Texas books. That would have been difficult except for one thing.

Well, two actually.

Jack created the Legacy Ranch idea and is funding it and putting his time into it. Back in the Texas series (currently available in Kindle Unlimited), rancher Jack Campbell-Hayes decided he wanted to do something for kids and young adults like the three young men who gave evidence at an abuse trial. The victims of pain and mistreatment, they had nowhere to go, no families to support them, and Jack came to realize they weren’t alone. There were hundreds of LGBT kids and young adults who all just needed that extra bit of love and attention to make them succeed. And so he came up with the idea of creating a place, with his beloved horses, on DD land, where he could help those in need through rehabilitation, working with horses, and just providing stability.

Secondly, Riley reminds Kyle (in book 1) of Paul. A man who hurt him abused him and left him scarred, and scared.

So, I didn’t even need to think about how to have Riley and Jack appearing. They, along with cameos from Hayley, Robbie and Liam, and more pointedly Darren, means that the Legacy books truly can be linked to the Texas series even though the series can be read as a standalone series.

The Series

  1. Kyle
  2. Gabriel
  3. Daniel (June 2018)