Texas Christmas

Rainbow Book Reviews – “….The saga of the very unconventional Texas family continues – and it was good to see what was next for these guys. As always, in best soap-opera tradition, I felt as if I were coming home or at the very least visiting with close family. One that is constantly growing, and with the much-awaited addition of little five-year-old Max is seems as if there have been enough additions for now. Of course, there is the matter of a nanny for tiny twins Connor and Lexie, the fact that Riley's daughter Haley is undeniably growing up, and the many other family members I was happy to see again. And while Jack and Riley remain front and center in the relationship department, there was enough of Eli and Robbie to keep me happy, not to mention the newest couple, Marcus and Liam….”

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words – 4.75/5 “….I was entranced with Max from the moment Scott introduced him to Jack and Riley.  The little boy clutching his Thomas the Tank Engine toy caught at our hearts.  RJ Scott did not shy away from the issues of adopting a child with autism.  Max’s emotional issues, his inability to deal with certain social situations, the manner in which he communicates, and well, everything about a life with an autistic child is relayed realistically along with the love.  There is a magical moment that RJ Scott brings to life as Max explores a sensory room Jack and Riley have created for him.  The wonder of a child caught up inside his mind is revealed in such a way that we feel we are on the floor with him, holding our breath as Max explores with a quiet joy a place created for him out of love….”

Crooked Tree Ranch

Smitten with reading – B+ – “….Then there is the whole Montana ranch portion of the story…Oh my, LOVE! Luke is a photographer and Jay is trying to showcase the beauty of the ranch. As a result, there were so many really visual descriptions of the scenery that I just loved. I felt like I took a quick trip to Montana in this book and it was beautiful…and romantic….and so fun!

This is only my second RJ Scott read, but I can guarantee you that I will be adding more of this author's books to my TBR pile. She writes beautiful stories that leave me feeling better for having read them and I love that in a book!….”

The Agent and the Model

Sid Love – 4.25/5 – “….R.J Scott created a home made of love and friendship with this Ellery series. What I regret is to not have seen more of all the characters because I could never have enough. I am glad we read about them, I am ecstatic they are still so close and together all of them….”

Because two men are better than one! – 4/5 – “…..The Ellery Mountain series consistently delivers, each book emotional and heartwarming. I have enjoyed each of the pairings and loved all the characters, from the very first book to this, the seventh in the series.

This is the story of Mikey, now all grown up, a successful model who no longer lives in Ellery, instead Michael (as he is now called) travels the world modelling for designer labels, only returning to town infrequently. He has found success, fame and fortune but he is still haunted by the attack on his life six years before…..”