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This is the latest title in the series Love at the Haven, where a group of sexy, hardworking, and playful escorts run their business from a rundown hotel in London’s Earls Court, building their own special version of a loving and supportive family.

What was your inspiration for the Love at the Haven series?

During a period of writer’s block, I decided to spend 2021 writing something new, and specifically something I loved to read – and that’s rent boy romance. I longed to create a fictional ‘found family’ of people whose bond was through their work, who didn’t have their own support network, and who were living on the margins of society – yet who enjoyed life, sex, and having a fun time. And who all deserved their HEA! The series is set in London because that’s where I live, and I love the city. I’ve also got many more rent boys in my imagination, so the welcoming, sex-positive, and non-judgemental world of the Haven Hotel is ideal for them all!

Who's your favourite character to write?

I have a really soft spot for Tom. He hasn’t had his full novel yet, but there have been two short stories from his point of view. He’s a young, sassy twink, with an uninhibited lust for life and sex. He’s unashamed about his job, speaks his mind and pokes his nose in everything that’s going on—and he has the most eccentric wardrobe ever, made up of bargain clothes he finds at charity shops and designer cast-offs from his contacts, men’s and women’s alike.

What is the craziest/weirdest thing you've done in the name of research?

Please don’t ask to see my browsing history! My research for this series has included a catalogue of sex toys, the best London parks for a picnic, rehydration drinks after exercise, suitable tips for a sex worker, the legal issues of sex work, what lubes are edible, how to fix a burst pipe, and how to make a souffle!

Quick Shots:

  • Coffee: Always!
  • Favourite movie: Some Like it Hot
  • Favourite book: Stig of the Dump

LIAM (Love at the Haven 4)

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The brawny Dom and the beautiful Diva—and the secrets they keep.

A personal trainer and part-time escort, Liam is burly, bossy, and perfectly cast as the resident Dom at the Haven Hotel. And if anything falls outside that box—like the lacy lingerie he keeps hidden in his gym bag—that’s easily ignored, right?

Felix’s career as a successful model means being at the beck and call of anyone who requires him. He’s expected to be satisfied with glamour, money, and subservience. No one would ever believe his secret desire to take control.

When Liam agrees to show the outrageously pretty and delicate Felix around Liam’s infamous Room 8, neither one expects the disobedient desire that sparks between two such opposite men.

Felix is looking for a lover who’ll let him call the shots, whereas Liam is fighting the desire to submit. Their passion and power could make for a kinky role reversal.

They just have to surrender to their deepest needs.


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