#QueerRomance #DarkRomance #BLRomance #EnemiestoLovers #LoveCorrupts

#QueerRomance #DarkRomance #BLRomance #EnemiestoLovers #LoveCorrupts

Interview Questions

Will I keep writing more Dark Romance Yakuza stories?

Yes! Most definitely. Tokyo Nights is my second Yakuza series with my first set in Kyoto involving a Yakuza boss and English Teacher, but I’m already working on series set in Osaka and have plans for a spin-off to the Tokyo Nights series set in Sapporo.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve done in the name of research?

Weird research topics tend to crop up when I’m writing historical romances… like what oils/scents are safe to use as lube and were available in 19th Century China… or is jade a safe material to use for a dildo? (and the answer is yes, it is.) With a story like Deadly Game, I tend to spend more time pouring over Google Maps to make sure I get the layout of the city right or researching the interior of host clubs in Kabukicho.

What is the hardest scene to write?

In the Tokyo Nights series, it would have to be the sex scenes when all four characters are involved… all those extra limbs you need to account for while also making sure no one gets left out… well unless they are wanting to take on a voyeuristic role for that scene. I much prefer to write the violent action scenes.

Quick Fire

Snack – Chocolate

Cats/Dogs – Cats.

Tea/Coffee – Both


Title: Deadly Game (Tokyo Nights 1)

Dark Romance, MMM/GQ, Yakuza, Enemies to Lovers, Love Corrupts


Get in. Get proof. Get out alive. Easy, right?

All Hisato Shibata had ever wanted to be was a police officer, to work his way through the ranks like his father had. Wanted to be known as an officer who upheld the oaths he’d sworn and keep the streets of Tokyo free of men like Tatsuo Ogawa—Shinjuku Ward boss for the Yamashita Organisation. Going undercover had never been a part of his plans, but when his superiors put the assignment in front of him, he dutifully agreed.

But in getting close to Ogawa, Hisato learns some uncomfortable truths about himself. Add in his growing attraction to Ogawa and the two men close to him, getting out alive is the least of his worries.

#QueerRomance #DarkRomance #BLRomance #EnemiestoLovers #LoveCorrupts

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