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I have a few writing
plans for the upcoming year. There will be one more book in Jared and
Alex’s story, but that’s much later this year. My current work in
progress is a little darker than most of my writing, with a supernatural
edge featuring what I hope is a different twist on the usual vampire
story. After that I’m going to write on the next Southern Comfort book,
I’m looking forward to visiting with Gage and Trent in book two.


you all so much for stopping to say hello. If you have time to leave a
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It may not be the most romantic thing I’ve ever written, but Jared and Alex exchanging their wedding vows in If the Stars Fall, The Making of a Man Book 5 is the closest to my heart. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from the book.

Alex turned his gaze back to Jared, taking a slight step closer. Jared's breath caught at the intensity in his eyes. “There's something we've talked about a few times. What influences in a person's life turns them in one direction or another. It's an age-old question, and I can only guess the answer to be different for everyone. Perhaps most people have no idea what or who shaped their lives. But I know.” Alex chewed his bottom lip and his eyes dropped away from Jared's.

Reaching out, Jared captured his hands, and after a second Alex lifted his gaze from the floor. Jared smiled encouragement. Alex smiled tremulously in return, his fingers tightened on Jared's.

“Jared Douglas, you were the making of this man and I promise to love you for all time. I will be yours if the world stops spinning and the stars fall.”

Jared's heart lurched, his hands clutched Alex's, and the lights went out. Their guests gasped with shock in the sudden darkness, and a couple of children sobbed. Jared couldn't see a thing and then a different group of lights lit in branches overhead. They dripped from the branches like stars falling from the sky. It took every ounce of Jared's control to keep from catching Alex up in his arms and kissing him breathless.

Exchanging a grin of delight with Alex as their guests clapped and exclaimed with enchantment, he feared everyone would find his promises dry and boring. He reminded himself Alex would get it and nothing else mattered. Another light came on, illuminating the platform enough to see without distracting from the beauty of Alex's illusion of falling stars.

Silence fell over the crowd as Jared dug in his pockets. He pulled out a scrap of paper and pressed it into Alex's hand. He glanced up at Jared, his expression puzzled before returning his attention to the note. Alex unfolded the paper and stared at it so long Jared started to worry about the dim lighting. It would be bad if he couldn't see to read. Without looking up Alex read aloud in his clear voice.

“I give myself.”

Jared had the next scrap ready. He placed it into his hands and saw his fingers tremble when he opened it. Alex didn't say anything for a long moment; the guests began to shift restlessly before he finally read the message, his voice less steady.

“I promise forever.”

His bottom lip caught between his teeth, Alex looked up and seemed not to notice when Jared put another slip of paper into his hands. Then his fingers fisted closed on it. Jared gave him a small nod. Alex made an attempt to smile before dropping his gaze to the open note. He frowned, and bewildered, looked back up, the blank scrap of paper clutched in his hand.

Jared cupped Alex's jaw in his palm, fingers stroking his cheek over the scar.

“I love you.”

The words were barely out of his mouth before Alex threw himself at him in a way he hadn't since he'd been a teen. He wrapped his legs around Jared's waist, hands buried in his hair. Jared staggered under the unexpected assault but didn't fall. One hand moved to support Alex's bottom and the other cupped the back of his head as their lips met and their guests cheered.

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