A Facebook friend of mine asked me a question in a survey they were doing. What sites do I go to for writer advice. I don't. My advice comes from Facebook friends and readers. They also asked to sum up advice we could give in under ten words (difficult!)…

Then it got me thinking. What would be the things I would tell current authors and soon-to-be authors if they were at all interested.

This last three years of being published has been one hell of a roller coaster and an ENORMOUS learning experience, particularly the last six months.

So with the benefit of a few books under my belt, and as a result of my journey from naivete to enlightenment (ROFL), I give you RJ's top tips…

1. Spread yourself around

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. There are many wonderful publishers out there. I write for Total E-Bound and for eXtasy. The experiences I have at both are making me better at what I do. Also do not assume that once you are with one publisher that no other publisher will want you. Have faith in yourself. Working with different publishers helps you learn and you widen your friends circle of other likeminded authors.

2. Have faith

Stay positive and keep banging away.

3. Know your market and your limitations

Know your market yes, but at the same time know your limitations. For example, there is a current trend for BDSM etc. This is great for those like Kim Dare, SJD Peterson and so on.They have a good handle on it all. But I couldn't write it. I know I would write something people would just end up laughing at!

4. Never stop writing.

Have a book you have subbed? Don't wait to write another book! Never stop writing. If the book you are writing isn't working put it to one side and start a new book, or write a short story.

5. Don't respond to bad reviews

The only time I did this, back when I was new and everything was shiny, the reviewer had a field day with me. I tucked my tail between my legs and hid. I still say the most difficult thing for any writer is letting anyone read what we write… rofl. Take the bad reviews on the chin and try to focus on the good reviews. Of course, one day I will take my own advice!

And once you are published…

  • Talk to your readers every day.
  • Thank your readers every day.
  • Have fun, with jokes and Lolcats! every day (others Lol's are available!)
  • Post photos of sexy men ever day (sighs)

Lastly, if you're published, feel bloody lucky EVERY SINGLE DAY… 

I do…