“RJ Scott has continued her superb crafted storyline of crime, mystery, romance and suspense.”

“I was totally captivated and enthralled throughout. So much, so, I couldn't set this story down, not even for one minute.”

“A fast pace, and wonderful story.”

Without a Trace

Without a Trace

When long-buried secrets are exposed, and the search for truth becomes a race to save a life, how can two men ever hope to find real love?

Losing his brother has shaped Drew into the man he is today—heartbroken, alone, but determined to make a difference in the world. Joining the military, fighting battles in places he’s never even heard of, is his attempt to make sense of his life. After his brother disappeared, he’d imagined him dead, but part of him clung to the hope Casey was out there living his life.

One call changes everything. Casey’s body has been found, and the hope that had fueled Drew’s constant search for the truth is destroyed. Coming home to Lancaster Falls to bury his brother and face his mom’s anguish is a nightmare made real, and he has nowhere to run from the pain.

Logan has made a home in Lancaster Falls. As a police officer, he plays by the rules, and he would never think of working off-the-grid. All that changes when Drew McGuire heads into town, slams into his life, and they are thrust headlong into solving a murder. Fighting an attraction to Casey’s brother is hard enough, but the infuriating man is there at Logan’s every turn, interfering with the case, breaking the rules, and demanding that Casey’s story be heard.


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