“Oh wow! This is such a brilliant start to a new series! This atmospheric murder mystery is a huge departure from anything else I’ve read by RJ Scott and it’s a wonderfully eerie, slow burn suspense.”

“This storyline had everything that I love in a suspense tale; mystery, drama, hidden town secrets, a possible murder or murderers, lies, conspiracy and two men who are caught in the middle— thrown together by chance but seem to be the anchor that each other needs.”

“Bones, an unsolved mystery, corruption, abuse, and small-town secrets make ‘What Lies Beneath’ a fast paced and “on the edge of your seat” mystery/thriller.”

What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

In the hottest summer on record, Iron Lake reservoir is emptying, revealing secrets that were intended to stay hidden beneath the water. The tragic story of a missing man is a media sensation, and abruptly the writer and the cop falling in love is just a postscript to horrors neither could have imagined.

Best Selling Horror writer Chris Lassiter struggles for inspiration and he’s close to never writing again. His life has become an endless loop of nothing but empty pages, personal appearances, and a marketing machine that is systematically destroying his muse. In a desperate attempt to force Chris to complete unfinished manuscripts his agent buys a remote cabin. All Chris has to do is hide away and write, but he’s lost his muse, and not even he can make stories appear from thin air.

Sawyer Wiseman left town for Chicago, chasing the excitement and potential of being a big city cop, rising the ranks, and making his mark. A case gone horribly wrong draws him back to Lancaster Falls. Working for the tiny police department in the town he’d been running from, digging into cold cases and police corruption, he spends his day's healing, and his nights hoping the nightmares of his last case leave him alone.

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