“This was a quick sweet read… The ending was a surprise, and a very happy one. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series and catch up with these two.”

“This was a sweet, poignant, charming, sexy, wonderful, and satisfyingly emotional tale set in a gorgeous setting. I really enjoyed reading it, and I recommend getting this great gem ASAP.”

“One of my favorites by RJ Scott, what a cute beginning to a new series! Lucas and Dylan have great chemistry and both do a lot of growing in this story.”

Follow the Sun

Follow the Sun

Lucas is hurt and close to losing everything; Dylan could be the man to save him. 

Lucas arrives on the idyllic island of Sapphire Cay with its white-sand beaches and warm balmy nights for his sister’s wedding. Grieving for a friend, stressed, and with an ulcer, he wants to see his sister happy before he returns home to an uncertain future. He doesn’t have the spirit or desire to form a relationship, but laid back, Dylan tempts him with the promise of a new future if only he were brave enough to take the chance.

Dylan never settles in one place for long. A free-spirited traveler, he follows the sun where it takes him and lives for today. Until he meets Lucas and realizes that sometimes the sun is brightest in people’s hearts, and now could be the time to stop moving on.

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