Warlock's Secret – 4/5: The many twists and turns in this story kept me glued to the pages until the very end and left me wanting more. This well crafted series is a must for any fantasy fan.

The Vampire Contract – 4/5: Plot twists and turns and several subplots held my interest and left me looking forward to the next installment.  This story was Micah and Connor all the way and I heartily recommend you joining in on the adventure.

Spirit Bear – 5/5: This book has been a long time in coming but it was more than worth the wait.  Don’t miss out on this terrific story.

Full Circle (Sanctuary #5) – 4/5: There is a spark between Manny and Josh which happily isn’t insta-love but is something the men want to explore. The characters of Manny and Josh were very well developed and I could feel the tension between the two.

Love is in the Title (Love #1) – 5/5: The story has amazing supporting characters. Cameron’s friend Dan is the kind we all should have. Luke’s long time friend Mitchell is more of a pain (as when he tells Luke he has decided he’s bisexual and his boy-crush is Cameron. “At that point, Luke had cut Mitchell out of his life, utterly and completely, forever. Until the next evening…” That so summed up high school for me, because everything is black or white, so little gray at that age.

Love is in the Hallways (Love #2) – 4/5: This is a great story with sweet high school characters trying to find their way.

Still Waters – 5/5: I really enjoyed the way Ms Scott wove characters from the previous books into this story which helped to make the story a true part of the Sanctuary series instead of just an add on. The FBI mole was a surprise as was the twist with the Headley family. The story was well put together and flowed well into a HEA ending. I’m looking forward to seeing just how Ms Scott wraps up this great series.

The Art of Words (With Meredith Russel) – 5/5: The writers actually had me teary eyed at one point. And when a book hits me on an emotional level like that I usually rate high. They deserve it. The writing was crisp, clean, and realistic. The story wasn’t bogged down with a lot of conflict, which I appreciate since it was a relatively short read. Blu’s problem with self-esteem and his shameful secret was enough to keep the story flowing.

Deefur Dog – 5/5: True to her romantic style of writing, RJ winds a tale of lost love and love found again. Don’t look for a lot of hot sex in this book because you won’t find it. Pick this book up if you’re looking for a feel good romantic story and you will not be disappointed in the least.

The Gallows Tree – 5/5: There are several plot lines to follow in this story which keeps it interesting and keeps the pages turning. The wounded Cody and the patient Sebastian are perfect together as the explore the past only to find their future.

Back Home – 4/5: I enjoyed the intensity of the men’s love of family and their willingness to go up against all odds to keep their company.

Oracle – 5/5: Luke McKinnon is a linguistic scholar hired to interpret ancient Greek scrolls in an an attempt to discover the Oracle at Delphi. When he meets Alex with his tattooed scars and abilities their lives become intertwined with the help of the gods. I recommend this book to anyone with an open mind.

The Christmas Throwaway – 5/5: This book surpasses even my favorite R.J. Scott book Oracle. Anyone interested in The Trevor Project needs to read this amazing and heart warming book of love, acceptance and compassion. I whole heartedly recommend this book to everyone you won’t be disappointed.