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Hey gang! It is SO great to be visiting RJ’s blog during her sports romance month. I’m sure most of you know me by now so I won’t bother to bore you with a long list of details about me. The short version reads like this: Ranger fanatic, chicken herder, lover of books, writer of words, sipper of coffee, buddy of RJ. Yep, that pretty much sums me up neatly.

As summer here in the States chugs along it seems, oddly enough, that we’re soon going to be getting back to playing hockey. Yeah, I know, it’s weird but then again Covid-19 has been a kick in the backside for all of us, not just sports teams. I’ve missed hockey a great deal since the shutdown and have recently taken to watching old Rangers games when they’re replayed on NHL Network.

It might seem strange but as a hockey romance author, I feel more inspired to write those on-ice action scenes when I actually have hockey to watch! During the season I keep a small notebook beside my recliner aka THE QUEEN’S SEAT and jot down fun or interesting things that may happen during a game. I’m always writing down little tidbits that I think a fictional player may do, or a sweet move or deke that I’d like to include in a story. Thankfully during this long dry spell I’ve been able to make use of the DVR and YouTube for my hockey fix.

One other thing that helps to inspire me is when I write with RJ. For some reason having a coauthor working with you really fires up the creative juices! It’s not uncommon for the two of us to turn out two full chapters in one day when we’re rolling. It’s an amazing journey for sure, and I’ve been so blessed to have this wonderful friendship/business partnership with RJ. It’s not everyone who can say they get to work with one of their best friends. So, thanks to Ms. Scott for having me over and let’s talk about that contest I mentioned above!

To be entered to win a copy of Rebound, the first book in my Overtime series, which is an MM hockey romance trilogy, tell me what you’ve been doing over the summer so far. Two winners will be chosen randomly. Best of luck and thanks for dropping by to say “Hello!”

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If there’s one thing that’s a certainty in life, it’s change.

It’s taken Victor Kalinski years to settle into the kind of happiness that he thought he’d never find. The small town of Cayuga, New York, has welcomed him warmly. It’s given him a championship team to coach, a tightly-knit group of friends, a father who he has reconciled with, and a safe place to raise the son he adores. The small town has also blessed him with Dan Arou, his husband and his soulmate, and one of the most skilled forwards on the Cougars. Given Dan’s outstanding play in their recent Calder Cup win, it was inevitable that Dan’s time in the minors was about to come to an end.

When Dan is given a starting position in Boston, Victor’s serene life is thrown into complete chaos. Pride over Dan’s accomplishment fills his heart but facing a long, lonely season in Cayuga is causing no small amount of discord. Add in a wedding that will give his son a new stepfather, health issues for his dad, and Victor’s own penchant for saying things that aren’t exactly politically correct, and the impending explosion is guaranteed to blow Vic’s life to bits. Life-altering choices will have to be made. Will Victor rebound from the challenges, or will he be unable to accept the upheavals that life has dealt him?