Thank you so much, R.J, for letting me come and say hi <3

I’m Suki Fleet and sometimes I write quite angsty stories and sometimes I write quite sweet ones. Most of my stories are set in the UK, and hurt comfort, coming of age and friends to lovers are my favourite tropes.

I’m a pretty slow writer—a pretty slow reader, too—lol time seems to slow to syrup for me when I’m immersed in a world of my own or another’s making, but there’s so much joy in both of those things that I’m not complaining (instead I’m squirrelling away that joy where I can 😊). It does mean that it can sometimes take me a good year or two to write a book, though.

‘Sometimes There’s Stars’ was my ‘finished during UK lockdown’ story. It took me around two years to write from start to finish—with a break in the middle where I wrote three other stories (Everybody in the Place, For Sam, times infinity and Fight For This), lol. But this story has my heart. So much so I really struggled with publishing it. I’m glad I did, though.

It’s about Echo, a graffiti artist who’s in so much trouble he has no idea how to get out of it, and Peri, perhaps the sweetest and strongest character I’ve ever written, who has learning difficulties and who saves Echo’s life over and over.

It’s heavy on the sweet, but there is a little angst. Mostly I wrote it to, not really restore, but more to confirm my faith in the good we all have in us. That we’re all doing to best we can, we’re showing up for each other, and ultimately, despite all the crap that happens, there’s so much goodness out there.

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One lost soul graffiti artist. The sweetest boy ever. Will they save each other or go down in flames?

Echo is a brilliant artist but he’s not a good bet. He’s running from a suspended sentence and trying to pay off a debt that’s about to cripple him, literally. When he gets involved with a drug gang, his life goes from bad to worse. Until he meets Peri.

Peri is like sunshine. He’s innocence and good things—he’s home. Spending time with Peri is saving Echo’s life in so many ways. Peri teaches him sign language, teaches him the important things in life don’t always need words to express them. And more than that, Peri shows him how even the most broken heart can heal.

But Echo is trouble and he wants to save Peri from getting hurt. If only falling in love wasn’t so bloody impossible to stop.

And there’s a little Christmas short ‘Sometimes, Always’ coming for Echo and Peri, too, in the Charity Anthology ‘Gifts for the Seasons’ raising money for The Trevor Project, which also has stories from an amazing line up of authors: RJ Scott, Clare London, Annabeth Albert, Joanna Chambers, Eli Easton, Lane Hayes,, Annabelle Jacobs, Alex Jane, Amber Kell, Garrett Leigh, V.L. Locey, Posy Roberts, Felice Stevens, AE Via out 1st Nov:

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