Hello and thank you for inviting me to be part of the sports month festivities! I’m a HUGE sports fan, so I have to admit, the pandemic has given me an extra burst of energy to write about something I’m missing terribly. LOL I started the Out in College series two years ago after finishing a gut-wrenching novel. I needed something sweet, lighthearted, and fun. My quest for a summer diversion became Out in the Deep, a bisexual awakening tale starring two water polo players. Seven books later, they’ve become a little longer and sports have varied. So far, I’ve covered football, baseball, hockey, and volleyball. Sometimes there is cross-over, but not always. Each story to be enjoyed as a standalone.

Out on the Serve, was just released this past week. It’s a roommates to friends to lovers bisexual romance, with two athletes who try desperately to stick to the rules. Elliot is a good-natured jock who’s never as organized as he should be while Braden is a perfectionist who hates getting anything wrong. Going from friends to lovers is risky business. They could end up out on the serve…or they could win it all. *sigh…

The first three books in the series, Out in the Deep, Out in the End Zone, and Out in the Offense are on sale for 99 cents until July 12! Let the summer reading commence!

I’ll leave you with a teensy excerpt from Out on the Serve!

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Happy Reading! Lane Hayes

RJ Scott, MM Romance, Gay Romance

OUT ON THE SERVE by Lane Hayes

Braden handed me a beer and my pizza. “Do not spill.”
“I’ve got this.” I took a pull from the bottle, then set it on his nightstand…on a coaster. “You have coasters in here?”
“Yeah. No wisecracks. And just because we’re doing this one time does not mean this room is suddenly a man cave,” he said primly.
I snorted. “No self-respecting man cave has coasters, dude. But don’t worry. I get it. One time only. Look at you…breaking all the rules. You’re like a freaking daredevil tonight. What’s gotten into you?”
“You’re a bad influence.”
“Thank you.”
Braden chuckled before taking a bite of pizza. “Mmm.”
“Can’t go wrong with a meat-lover’s supreme from Louie’s. I love that place.”
“Me too.” He swallowed his food and tapped the side of the paper plate. “I guess we should talk.”
“I don’t want to.”
“Fine. Me either,” Braden agreed.
“Yeah, mainly because I don’t know what to say.”
“Well, you could start by admitting you’re hot for me,” I teased around a bite of pizza.
He snort-laughed. “Okay, fine. I think you’re hot.”
“Thanks,” I said, holding his gaze until his cheeks turned pink. Fuck, he was so damn pretty. No. He was sexy and sweet and nerdy and cool all at once. I had it bad.

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